(W)racked with Pain: Breast Tenderness During Perimenopause

Hot flashes. Mood swings. Weight gain. Osteoporosis. Just a few of the many symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Add breast tenderness to that never-ending laundry list. For some women, "tenderness" is a gross (and I mean gross!) understatement....more

Hot Fun in the Summertime? Not When You're Having a Hot Flash!

Ah, summertime. Long, sunny days. Outdoor cookouts. Lounging by the pool.Say what??? Make that: Long, sweaty days. Internal cook-offs. Lunging for the pool.Summer can be a difficult if you're in the midst of perimenopause or menopause....more

Menopause Means ‘Time Out’ for Boomers to Define Encore Careers

Seems like when you’re raising kids or climbing the career ladder, it’s all about checking off ‘to do’ lists. Constant activity, travel, ballgames and baby-sitters can make your head spin. Suddenly, you’re done....more

Need Another Reason to Exercise, Eat Well and Maintain a Healthy Weight? How About High Blood Pressure?

A few decades ago, we had a totally different definition of "high." Today, as Baby Boomers, we often associate "high" with body temperature (translation: hot flashes), numbers when we step on the scale and, for some of us, blood pressure....more
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Have low T? There’s help for that!

Menopause can be such a challenge....more
Great article! I just interviewed a doctor about Low T for men. Check it out ...more

National Nude Day: Bare it All and Love It

Take a deep breath and relax! Nudity is more at this stage of life than just taking your clothes off…thankfully!...more
Gosh I didn't know there was a National Nude Day. We have an annual nude rugby match in NZ which ...more

Mark Your Calendar: National Chocolate Day Coming Right Up!

If you’re looking for any excuse to indulge in chocolate without feeling post-pleasure guilt: you’re in luck!...more

Celebrate Your Emotional Independence this Fourth of July

Yes, the Constitution gave us freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms (or, in our menopausal state, the right to bare arms)....more

Why You Need to Eat Like a Woman (Unless You Want to Gain Weight Like a Man)

Mom probably told you to act like a lady, but did she ever tell you to eat like a lady? This breakthrough book does.Men and women are different. Period. (We get periods; they don't.)...more

De-stress and Re-lax During Menopause

Researchers now know that women are 70% more likely to suffer from depression than man and menopause’s hormonal roller coaster can aggravate the problem....more