'The Hunger Games' Rating: Did the MPAA Get it right?

Amidst the fanfare surrounding today's wide release of The Hunger Games, the debate on whether the Motion Picture Association of America appropriately designated the film a PG-13 rating is heating up.Some argue that the rating of the fictional, post- apocalyptic teen-genocide film makes no sense given the 'R' rating the MPAA slapped on the Weinstein Company-distributed Bully, a documentary about bullying among children -- a very real problem facing kids today....more
I haven't seen the HG movie yet but while I enjoyed the book, this theme is much too heavy for ...more

Dakota Fanning Cosmo Cover Causes Stir

The February issue of Cosmo Magazine features a very grown-up looking Dakota Fanning. Lovely as she is, the problem with this photo is that the "Twilight" star is only 17 years old, making her officially a minor.Just take a look at the titles framing the delicate star's face and you'll see why some parents and other watchdog groups are protesting the magazine's cover choice....more

Gypsies Win ABC's 'Expedition Impossible' Proving Reality-TV Isn't All Bad

A small bladder, sparse facial hair and crazy camels didn't get in the way of the Modern  Gypsies, the San Diego team who won it all in the first season of ABC's Expedition Impossible. And these  boys are also living proof that reality TV can have an encouraging outcome for the greater good. But these recent reality-TV celebs didn't waste any time after the show's finale. The Gypsies are back on the saddle traveling to raise money and awareness about their newest mission as "Compassionate Adventurers."...more

Skins - "The Most Dangerous Show For Children..."

It’s apparent the folks over at MTV are going to keep testing the boundaries of their contentious programming. They’ve enjoyed virtually no consequences by walking the fence of inappropriate teenage content, and have been successful at luring desperate advertises wanting to target this particular demographic ....more

The MTV show "Skins" has been canceled!

Though this is a victory for all concerned with ...more

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Post and Giveaway!

  This is a Holiday treat for you, Mamarazzi Knows Best readers! Kim Wright Wiley is the author of the #1 selling guidebook: "Fodor’s Walt Disney World with Kids," and is guest posting on my site for you!   Kim, a mother of two, wrote the first edition of Walt Disney World with Kids in 1989 and has logged more than 50 visits to the park, a statistic that stuns even her....more

Comic-Con 2010 What is "TRON's" Legacy?

After three years of visits to Comic-Con, patient fans of Disney's "TRON" will hear the final pitch for this long awaited sequel (28 years!), and if the hype surrounding "TRON: Legacy" is justified.  ...more

Teen Celebrities and the Hollywood Money-Making Machine

Most of you know my shtick buy now. My opinions are conservative regarding certain television shows, teen celebrities, and what I consider to be infractions to our values and social decorum by some Hollywood artists and their parents....more

Do Hollywood's Naughty Celebs Influence Teens?

In spite of how diligently we try to guard our kids' impressionable minds, somehow the entertainment industry’s pressures gets by our best protective filters: Movies, TV, ads or simply standing next to glossy magazine covers at the grocery checkout line exposes our youth to celebrity lifestyles an...more

Reality TV, and Junk Reality

The harebrained stunt Richard Heene pulled off on TV was the best reality show I’ve seen so far. A good number of non-unionized reality TV script writers would have loved to come up with the flying saucer-with-boy-trapped-in-it plot. Or did they? ...more

American Latinos

Panel at San Diego Screening of "Latino in America" Photo Suzette Valle   ...more