Reasons I'm Late

As much as I try, it always seems inevitable.  I'm going to be late.  No matter how early I get up, how soon I start getting people ready and no matter how many times I go through that crumpled mental checklist in my head, it always seems to happen.  So I've figured it out... Why I'm late.  I wonder if these are valid excuses. REASONS I'M LATE  My child has to poop and we just came from the potty....more

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

If it's one thing that I can't stand, it's a spider or any bug for that matter.  Four legs, six legs, and oh God eight, crawiling, flying, biting, hiding.  No.  We are not friends.  I do not want anything to do with you.  None at all.  And then there are shows like Antz, A Bug's Life, and Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch trying to decieve us and pretend that bugs are cute and cuddly and can be our friends.  I think not.  That is some kind of foolish trickery and they won't decieve me.  There's a discerning spirit on board here.  ...more

What's Up Doc?

It was a horrible, near gut wrenching, burning pain.  I could barely control myself.  I had never felt something so horrible.  I didn't know whether to grab a back scratcher or a sledge hammer.  We're supposed to call on Jesus right?  Well, I wore that name OUT!  JESUS, LORD, HAVE MERCY!! ...more

Young Moms- We Are Not All Idiots

Sixteen and pregnant. No. Seventeen and pregnant....more

Whose Kids Are Those?

Did you comb your hair, AJ?  Cate, do you have your clothes on?  We always pick out clothes the night before, sometimes for the whole week.  This way we are prepared and I can make sure they match.  We don't have time for anyone coming into the kitchen with red leggings on, an orange and yellow plaid dress, blue socks, a sparkly headband and twinkle toes.  Maybe she'll be an artist one day, a very colorful one.  I go through this routine every morning as we are getting ready for school.  I comb and touch up hair making sure they are all in place and looks ...more

What Are We Learning During Black History Month?

Fred Shuttlesworth,(1922-2011), was the pastor of the Birmingham, Alabama First Baptist Church who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He organized the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in 1956 and also helped head the movement to integrate Birmingham's schools, offices, and public facilities. This was my latest facebook status as I had declared to not only educate myself and family but all of my facebook world on the great African Americans in history throughout the month....more

5 Things I Hope I'm Teaching My Children

Being a parent is hard. It comes with the toughest job description. God has lent us these children to shape and mold into respectable human beings in his image. We are responsible for leading, directing, caring, teaching and loving these little people from infancy to adulthood without breaking them, too much. Hopefully, one day we can look back and say we did our absolute best as parents and hope our children grow up thankful for the way they were raised. But like any parents, along the way we become nervous, anxious even. We begin to ask ourselves questions....more

A Little Piece of Heaven

As I was preparing breakfast this morining, the kids nonchalantly wandered here and there, as if they were actually getting ready for school.  Caleb, who had made his way out of bed, was my little helper.  I gave him eggs to crack as I watched the thick slime of the egg whites leave a trail down the front cabinets.  Motherhood.  All of a sudden, I heard Aj yell, "Cate look!"  I assumed this was nothing more than a crumpled piece of plastic on the floor, the discovery of some missing lego piece, or whatever else mundane things that kids seemed to be intrigued by.&nbs...more

Apparently, There Are Snakes On A Plane - Man Hits Child On Delta Plane

A man.  A white man.  A drunken white man...This man slapped a baby, a black baby, and called him the n-word....more