The 4 Reasons Winter Temperatures Lower Your Gas Mileage

Many people visit their dealership or auto shop in the winter complaining that their gas mileage has decreased. They are usually concerned that there may be an issue with their car. Most of the time, it’s simply the colder weather and time of year. Here are four reasons your gas mileage may decrease in winter:...more

Disney Road Trip with Kids

Start the fun with your kids on the way!Disney is a great destination for family members of all ages! If you are taking a road trip to a Disney destination, why not start the fun in the car on the way. Here are some ideas about how to make your ride “magical."...more

6 Ways to Avoid Stupid Tax

Stupid Tax: a fine for a dumb mistake or failure to act.  We all make mistakes, but these are some of the most common avoidable mistakes that people make with their cars. Hopefully, it will help you avoid them in the future....more

My 10 Favorite Cheap Items for Organizing the Car!

1. Laundry Baskets – When I saw this idea, I thought it was brilliant! Keep one or two laundry baskets in the trunk of your car. I am sure you can find multiple uses for them, but the use that we were really excited about was grocery storage. Put your groceries in the laundry baskets to keep everything contained while you are driving. This prevents a bunch of grocery bags falling all over your trunk....more

6 Quick Fixes for When Your Car Won’t Start

So your car won’t start… These quick fixes are designed to get your car running long enough to drive to a technician and hopefully avoid calling a tow truck. You will probably need to take your car to a dealership or repair shop to fix the source of the problem....more

Important Tornado Safety Information while Driving

The general consensus is that 1,200-1,300 tornadoes hit the United States every year, although the actual data is hard to track. Tornadoes cause an average of 60 fatalities and 1,500 injuries annually. The main cause of death is mostly from flying or falling debris. However, the National Weather Service says 9 percent of people killed by tornadoes in the U.S. were driving cars....more

My Must Have Items for Traveling with Kids to Preserve My Sanity!

Before I had my first child, I drove a 1989 BMW 325is. If you don’t know, this is a very small two door car. I loved this car; it got great gas mileage, hugged the road, and fit in every parking spot. Then my son was born. No car seat would fit in that tiny car. No stroller would fit in the trunk. I traded that car in for a larger car, and this was the first change that I made in my life to travel with kids. Even so, with just one child, I could get by with a midsize car and a few items in my bag. Then I became pregnant again, and to my and my husband’s great surprise, it was twins....more

When is the Best Time for Dealership Services?

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant during a heavy rush and been disappointed when your service was not as good as it normally is?  You probably looked around and said, “Well, it’s really busy, so I can see why.” The same thing is true when you to take your car in for dealership services. High demand business hours can sometimes affect the quality of your service. Like restaurants, dealerships have busy times when their employees may be overwhelmed and not able to give your car the attention it requires....more

5 Quick Cleaning Tips for your Car

Kelley Blue states that a car in “excellent condition – to good – to fair” can have a $2,000 swing in value,  just from good to excellent. What does this mean? It means that a clean car not only saves you time and feels good, but it also can save you money. Ladies, let’s face it; this is no easy task when you are constantly using your car as a dining room, office and shuttle service....more

The 7 most important things to check on your car before a long trip.

Heading on a long trip? Whether it is for business or pleasure, there are a few things that you should look over before you hit the pavement to increase your chances of having a smooth trip. ...more