A Friend Indeed

 Some real life stories are stranger than fiction. Sometimes you should never question why some things happen in your life because you can never get an answer to that.I grew up in a middle class family in Ramnad in South India. I had a good friend and we were inseparable, almost joined at the hips. Everyone said that we were more like brothers than friends.Then my friend met this girl.You will call me a MCP if I say, “And there started the trouble.”...more

Why Was I Born Here?

When I was young it seems I often asked my mother, “Why was I born here, in this house, as your son and not somewhere else?”Apparently in a Tamil movie I saw, a child badgers his mother with this question and I repeated his act.Also I had two brothers who were much older to me. I was frequently bullied by them and always treated as a tiny-tot. I often wished I were an only child....more

We Indian - In Love

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/ A secret rendezvous gone awry. The couple is in a quandary. But then, all is well that ends well.Before marriage, when my husband and I were in love, we hid the fact from his parents. We were both colleagues in a MNC and had known each other for quite sometime.We were both engineers and were twenty-five year old grown ups....more

Second Wife

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/A good husband makes a good wife, even if she is his second wife.I was 26 years old when I got married. My husband was 52 at that time. That made him 26 years my senior.I was his second wife.In my country and community our horoscope is designed at the time of our birth. This astrological forecast known as Jadagam plays a major part when looking out for a spouse....more

At Work - April Fool

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/ A Rose is a Rose is a Rose? No, not on April Fools’ Day!I was working as a junior doctor at the Government Hospital at Chennai, in the Nephrology Unit. My chief was a dynamic person whom we all referred to fondly by his initials, JRR. He was as well-known for his clinical expertise as he was for his charisma. He treated everyone, from the ward boy to the nurses, to the students and the three assistants under him, with equal friendliness....more

English Vinglish

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/ In Bangalore close to the hospital where I did my post graduation there is  a youth hostel, kind of like a supervised lodging. Most of the student doctors, both girls and boys, lodged here, albeit on different floors....more

Two Delightful Stories - Adorable Kids.

Two delightful stories about adorable kids.This three-year-old wanted her uncle to give her a playmate soon. Like on his wedding day itself.My granddaughter was a precocious three-year-old. She was exceptionally smart and my husband and I adored her.But the pampered child soon got bored of playing with just two aged, though indulgent grand parents.She longed for a young playmate closer to her age....more

Are You Joking?

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/We had with us in college a boy whose activities would put “jokes about dummies” to shame. In the first year of college, we were standing in our college bank to buy a Demand Draft to pay our examination fees. We had to write in the form, our college name followed by the word EXAMINATIONS, all in capitals. My friend seemed to be getting something wrong. He was tearing up, form after form. I went closer to him and asked him what the problem was....more