I am going to ask Denise some questions in the beginner's group. Are you ready Denise?

I am going to ask Denise some questions in the beginner's group. Are you ready Denise? ...more
I think I must be the stupidest person on Blogher. When you say, "Create a blog post" do you ... more

Beautiful Catastrophe: The Death and Rebirth of Becoming a Mother

So I was hanging out the other day with a friend who has a newborn. A freaking gorgeous newborn boy, to be exact. He is her first baby. She has recently become a mother. You know, when we hear those words we hear them like it’s no big deal -- “become a mother,” like you might “become a doctor” or “become a pet owner.” As if it’s just this thing that happens, without anything else happening -- it’s just this exciting addition to one’s life. You add this new thing and go about your business. Like a new-home owner, or a resident of a new town....more
You have caught the essence of "becoming a mother" in a really heart warming and truthful way. ... more

10 Tips to Banish Your Own Boredom

Do you turn to your smartphone whenever you feel bored? It's tempting, isn't it? If you're trying to limit your own screen time, here are some other things to do when you find your mind wandering and get that itchy feeling of being bored (provided you're not at work)....more
Start a Blog, Google "ways to make your blog, awesome, spectacular, stand out, get more ... more

The Pros and Cons of Being Over 50

I'm getting old and there's no mistaking it. I don't like it much, not the physical part of getting old anyway. I don't mind much the life experiences I've had that come with living a full life, but this aging thing bites....more
Hi you are lucky. I have not done any of the stuff you did and I am fifty-three! I have 3 sons ... more

Editing My Own Story: Going Back to School at 36 Changed My Life

I was 36 when I decided that I didn’t want to do what I was doing any more, and certainly not every day for the rest of my working life. ...more
You go Gurrrlllll. more

How to Throw an Owl Themed Birthday Party

When my son turned three years old, he wanted an owl party. This was four years ago before owls were popular so he was quite the trendsetter. If it weren’t for his love for owls, our Camp Mommawatchi “Momma Owl” might be something entirely different today. His passion for owls made me become a fan, too!INVITATION – I designed this on the computer, printed it out and adhered it to brown cardstock. It says, “Who-hoo’s turning 3?” Then I list all the details and end with, “Come for dinner, cake and some owly fun!”...more
I like the imagination and the effort that went to make this party an obvious success among the ... more