Yes, Christmas Gifts already...

Each holiday throughout the year I like to create something unique for the daycare parents who faithfully bring their children to my home and Christmas is no exception!...more

This Morning's Workout

Today I have a personal training session with 'Brian' at the gym.  I'm actually really excited about it.  I'm clumsy and I make mistakes but I've warned him and he's still going to work with me....more

Lies are delicious

In an effort to live healthy and stave off Anxiety the natural way I have taken to trying to cut the amount of dairy I take in.  I can't get rid of it all though.  For example; I like cream in my coffee.  And yes, I know coffee is bad too but really I'm keeping the coffee and cream for the comfort and safety of those around me....more

Six Pants of Separation

Ah parent teacher interview time.  It's actually a fun and stress free time in our house.  Thanks to my husband having a super brain the kids report cards are stellar and their teachers enjoy their 'unique' personalities.  I know that's teacher speak for your-kids-are-the-weird-kids, but honestly with parents like us, they didn't stand a chance at normal....more

Me, Interrupted.

This past weekend was super fun.I spent most of Saturday with my almost 13 yr old daughter doing girly things.  We had take out hot chocolate & coffee, got hair cuts and drove 50km's to check out a store she's been dying to get to. As an aside - the store in no way evoked any desire to be '21' again. ...more

Renovating Me

It has been just over six months since my last posting.  That's the same as dying in Blog-ville but like Madonna I'm reinventing myself!Yep.  Just after my last post in May Brent went in for surgery.  Nothing major - he had a hernia and it needed to be fixed so he went off to a clinic in Toronto for almost an entire week....more

Warning: Blog contains Vagina Sofa

Well, Friday happened.I'm friends with a pretty awesome group of ladies who also happen to provide child care. We get the opportunity to share insight, craft suggestions and work through daily issues together.  We support each other through the stresses of staying at home with multiple little ones without the benefit of co-workers to spend time with. We also get to laugh together.Specifically at this photo:    Yes. That is a vagina sofa. Who in their right mind would order this? Here's how I see the conversation with the floor employee going:Me: Umm... Hi. I am interested in ordering that vagina sofa over there....more

I'm Not Crazy, I Just Look That Way

Have you ever had one of those days where you're just on the move from like the crack of dawn until it feels like your legs are going to fall off from exhaustion? Of course you have. You're a mom too.  ...more

The Lion, The Witch & The Wine Bottle

I try to be a great wife and mother, I really do - but every once in a while I just want to be left the heck alone. ...more