Please pass the talking feather

Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of a witness."  ~Margaret Millar...more

The Mother-in-law I Want to Be

Like most women I know, I’ve juggled a variety of roles, job titles, and responsibilities. I’ve worked as a newspaper columnist and a travel magazine editor. I've given birth to a son and watched him grow into a responsible young man. I’ve nursed an elderly mother who’s battling heart disease and dementia. I’m also a wife, an artist, a teacher, a best friend, a community activist, and a fairly decent cook. ...more
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Lipstick Lust

There’s got to be something seriously wrong with a woman who keeps 36 tubes of lipstick in her bathroom drawer.That woman would be me. I’m a beauty product junkie on a perpetual quest for the perfect shade of lipstick....more
Wonderful essay! It brought back memories of my begging my grandmother, an Avon rep, for all ...more

A New Slice of Anna Quindlen's Life

I was in awe of Anna Quindlen’s writing when I started reading her syndicated New York Times column, “Life in the Thirties.” Her highly personal yet carefully crafted reflections on being a woman in the 1980s struck a resonant chord. As Publishers Weekly put it, Quindlen shared our “chronology of adulthood,” from college to marriage to children. Even readers who didn’t subscribe to her political views were charmed by her writings on parenthood....more

The Mommy Wars ... Again?

So, who imagined that we'd be fighting the "mommy wars" ... again ... after all these years?...more

Cooking for Company

Earlier this month, a couple of dear friends phoned to invite us over for dinner. They had a big pot of turkey chili bubbling on the stove and a loaf of cornbread cooling in the oven. "Nothing fancy, just comfort food."The spur-of-the-moment invitation was all the more delicious because Doug and I hadn't planned anything for dinner that evening. And the cozy company of longtime friends was exactly what we needed in the middle of a crazy-busy week.That night, we also revisited an earlier conversation we'd started on the topic of entertaining....more

Making Peace with Scars and My Self-Image

I was in my early forties when I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips. Unable to cross a room without two canes or a walker, I couldn't stand at the kitchen counter long enough to open a can of soup, let alone prepare a decent family meal. The pain in my left side was almost unbearable, but I couldn't stomach the pain meds my doctor kept prescribing. Worst of all, my only child was in middle school and I was too exhausted to drive the carpool, let alone volunteer for his extra-curricular activities. ...more
What a great woman you are!I salute you for the strength you have displayed.Scars --physical or ...more

How I Deleted My Facebook Account and Walked Away from 555 Friends

Of course, you need lots of extra time for real friendship like that. My "networking" on Facebook was devouring some of that time, and I was starting to feel guilty about it. Along the same lines, it also struck me that Facebook fosters laziness. Even in a crisis, I wasn't getting as many emails or phone calls from family members because, as one put it, "We already read your updates on Facebook." ...more
I'm really struggling with this decision, right now. I blog, so I use Facebook for that all the ...more

Why middle-aged beauty is only skin deep

As a seasoned female journalist in her early fifties, I’ve been wondering what it really means to age gracefully. These days, the terms “anti-aging” and “age-defying” are used to market products to women who are barely out of high school.  Every night on television, celebrities who aren’t a day over 35 are touting the wonders of wrinkle creams, facial peels, and under-eye serums. Even in the glossy fashion magazines and catalogs targeted to my own demographic, I rarely see images of mature women that resemble my middle-aged face or body.   ...more


My therapist talked about ...more

Make room for your writing

First published in 1929, A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf has been reduced to a catchphrase for writers, dreamers, and architects who haven’t even read the book. Originally penned as two lectures for women’s colleges, Woolf’s landmark essay asserts that every woman writer should have a substantial income and a room of her own if she is to produce literature worthy of publication and readership. Furthermore, Woolf said, women who want to be writers ...more