Last Chances

Today is the last day of school. I got up a little extra early to prepare the day since I'm the only parent home this morning. Smartypants got up extra early too, before I had a chance to wake her like I usually do. I was glad, I needed her to be cooperative and self-starting, and she was. She was done with breakfast and dressed (very cutely) before 7:05,  when her sister came out to join us. Smartypants volunteered to pour Giggle's cereal, and I let her....more

The F Word

The constant media attention to the obesity epidemic in this country has caused our cultural pendulum to swing between extreme reactions.  News reports of national health always being voiced over stock footage of large bellies and butts walking around, squeezing into chairs, carefully cropped images of headless people with dripping hamburgers in their hands...images meant to shock us into lives of fitness, instead have led to a backlash of people calling out "fat shaming"; and like my sons, telling the world to mind its own business, they'll get fit if, and when they feel like it....more

The Step Mom

So This Is Empty Nest Syndrome...

Wandering around my house this evening, the 3rd evening in a row that I've been here alone. My husband is in our Coos Bay home, my twins have been working, and my youngest son has been at school working on their play. ...more
funny, I sometimes have that feeling, and sometimes I have that feeling when Im in others ...more

Coming Home To Our First Honeymoon

It's not like I consider marrying a man 12 years my junior to be a major life achievement, but is it really wrong of me to have wanted to have him by my side at my 30 year high school reunion - for purposes of showing him off? My class mates are doctors, lawyers, and foreign affairs workers, whereas I am a part-time insurance agent/occasional full-time step-mom and blogger.  It just seemed to me that having a little arm-candy to show-off would have at least bought me some street-cred....more

Landlording My Kids

Ariana is Still Growing - July 2013...more
my son is back home after 1 year at college.Its a nightmare.He is such a slob.i have to give him ...more

Leaving The Nest

Ariana is Still Growing - February 20, 2013...more

Part 2 Reuniting With My Sister

Ariana is Still Growing...more

Reuniting With My Big Sister

Ariana is Still GrowingPart 1 - Why I Had To GoOnce in a while a heart warming story about a person who cares for their adult disabled sibling gets printed in a local paper or makes rounds on the internet. These stories tug at heart strings, make you misty, and proud to call yourself part of the human race.  But when I read these stories, instead of feeling inspired I feel guilt, because I'm not one of them. My older sister is mentally retarded, and I haven't been there for her....more

Tips for Attending Your High School Reunion, or OMG! Its been 30 years!

Ariana is Still Growing...more