The day I was profiled as a "Terrorist" at the Airport!

I've always been proud to be a woman of color. The diversity that sets me apart and unique from a totally different culture in the US which I now call home. But what if being colored go against your favor? This is how I felt going through the airport right before Christmas....more

Whoa...slow down.

You yourself said you had no idea why you were asked to go there (holding ...more

How do I become a content contributor for BlogHer?

I've been searching the entire site to find out how to apply to be a contributor but couldn't find it. Will someone please tell me how and what the requirements are? Thanks!!! Maricris @MaricrisG...more

Send an email to providing examples of your writing, links to any blogs ...more

Button for BlogHer "win $1,200" link not working?

I clicked on the button on how to win $1200 to pay for your blogher 09 travel but it tells me I have no access to that page. Is this a broken link or I really don't have access to it? Help!   Maricris Where I blog: Where I review: Where I create: ...more


Better late than never...I'm reposting this here for its' promising quality. The informationĀ is a bit time-sensitve butĀ I better share than burst! ...more

SEO is a bitch and when someone is willing to promote you and your blog for free - better grab ...more