I Miss You, Mom

It’s hard to lose your mom.  I have avoided writing about it because it hurts too much.  I am a tumble of mixed emotions -- buoyant memories, sad regrets.  I’m trying to cope while working my job and feeling totally disconnected from it.  I daily consider quitting or finding a new job or just retiring completely and giving myself over to the pit of grief that is in me, that IS me right now....more
Oh. My heart goes out to you. I went through the experience of losing both my mother and father ... more

Single Motherhood: The Truth No One Talks About

My husband had an affair, but long before he did this he made choices that kept him away from us. Right from the very beginning. He chose other people, other events, other places over his family. So even though our relationship only broke down two months ago I’ve been functioning as a single parent for about eighty percent of the time that Bo has been alive....more
You hit it on the head. It's time. I've never truly felt that I could not accomplish all I want ... more