No-Sew DIY Superhero Costume

p>It's almost Halloween, and although the stores are running low on kids' costumes, don't worry -- you're in luck. This no-sew DIY superhero costume is the easiest thing in the world to make, I promise you that much! I love DIY projects, but I'll have to be honest with you, I am not that comfortable with a sewing machine. I'd call myself a novice at the very least. For this superhero costume, a hot glue gun is all you need to be a hit this Halloween....more
@davenportdiy thanks! he enjoyed being my costume model :) more

Four Ways to Say Fall

Fall, autumn, harvest – no matter how you say it, the same things come to mind.  Changing leaves, orange pumpkins, the smell of cinnamon all let us know that fall is here.  Why not take it a step further and spell it out for people that don’t get the hint.  Adding a touch of typography to your seasonal décor is an easy way to give your mantle yet another layer of interest.  ...more
adorable cute ideas! I can't wait to "fall" my house up :) more

Realizations During Mom's Night Out: Who I Am as a Mom

Last week I set out to plan an evening with my mommy-friends. One of them emailed the rest of us suggesting a night out of town with dinner, drinks, and if we were feeling a little crazy, maybe even some dancing! After careful plotting with our husbands and many more exchanged emails, my friends and I finally planned a REAL ladies night out. Not a quick meal in town where one of us gets called home because of a screaming child, or an evening at one of our houses with a couple of diapered tag-alongs. But a real, makeup and heels night out! ...more
great post! I completely agree. I think many moms, especially younger moms feel this way but ... more

Zipper Shamrock Tutorial

[Editor's Note: If you are trying to avoid getting pinched this St. Patrick’s Day give this zipper shamrock a whirl. You can be festive, subtle and well accessorized all at once. The Craftaholics Anonymous blog is chocked full of cute tutorials and kits to buy like this clover. I have always had soft spot for zipper flowers, the St. Patrick’s Day spin on this idea is clever and cute. The project also looks quick and easy. So easy you could whip it up and wear it today. - Jen]...more
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How to Throw an Owl Themed Birthday Party

When my son turned three years old, he wanted an owl party. This was four years ago before owls were popular so he was quite the trendsetter. If it weren’t for his love for owls, our Camp Mommawatchi “Momma Owl” might be something entirely different today. His passion for owls made me become a fan, too!INVITATION – I designed this on the computer, printed it out and adhered it to brown cardstock. It says, “Who-hoo’s turning 3?” Then I list all the details and end with, “Come for dinner, cake and some owly fun!”...more
love this theme! Please check out my blog for some awesome game ideas.  I'm a newbie! thanks!! ... more

Make it Yourself: Crochet Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

Okay crafty crochet friends - you asked nicely and now I'm going to give you what you want - a free pattern for the crochet hat that resembles a certain popular cartoon kitty named "Hello"....more
so super cute!!! I love hello kitty! For more easy DIY activities check out please check out my ... more

Make Meal Planning a Cinch With This DIY Menu Board

One of the best things I have found on Pinterest is how to make a menu board. Every Sunday night, I had to suffer through weekly meal planning, which took way too long! So when I found this menu board from the Creative Mama blog, I knew I had found something wonderful! This board has made my life so much easier. For a homemaker, this has been the best time-saver to grace my kitchen thus far. Let me show you how to make your own too. ...more
@mommaowls love this idea and love that it's so simple! For more easy DIY activities check out ... more