Organization: Time To Do Something About All These Art Supplies

I have always been crafty, so over the years, I've built up quite the collection of art supplies. I've never really had a system for keeping everything organized, until now. I had a few big plastic bins, but somehow everything ended up jumbled together in one big mess....more
This is a great idea. I tried it once with small plastic continers for my bead stash, but they ... more

DIY Vintage Fireplace Cover

When it comes to home decor, I believe that incorporating pieces passed down from your family is where magic really starts to happen. Those pieces are apart of your history. They have a story, a piece of your heart if you will. It is decor for your home that is priceless. It can't be found in a store, or on a website that sells mass produced products. It can be found on your own home grown roots. ...more
Love it! This is a cute idea! Bright and cheerful. I see so many awesome things made from old ... more

Growing Tips For Your Culinary Herb Garden

Editor's Note: Spring has sprung - the perfect time to consider (perhaps for the first time) growing your own herbs. This post offers suggestions and tips for anyone looking to spice up their garden, and their cooking --HeatherIf you’ve never grown your own herbs, it’s something you should consider. There are a variety of herbs that are easy to grow and many that are well suited for growing in pots or planters, so whether you live on a large estate or a cozy apartment, as long as you have a sunny spot, there are herbs perfect for you to grow....more
I love your herb garden! Very pretty. more