Social Media Trends We'd Love to See Disappear in 2014

They were fun when they were new, but now these social media trends are like that last guest at the party who can't take the hint that it's time to leave. Here are the trends we'd love to see disappear in 2014. ...more
I hate the "share this if you care, millions won't" posts.  I never share.  Fuck you and your ... more

Announcing BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta): What Do You Think?

For a little more than a year now, BlogHer has published the #3 largest food network in the U.S. (comScore), syndicating headlines from and advertising to 600 of the best food blogs in the world. To celebrate these amazing bloggers and serve our mission to create more exposure for their work, we've taken an important step forward with this new service: Throughout the day, we will update BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta) with beautiful, highly clickable excerpts from the latest posts from all 600 blogs in BlogHer’s Publishing Network for food blogs. ...more
Love it.  Has the same visual feel as Pinterest and my feedly reader - makes scanning posts easy. more

Should I Put My Diabetic Cat to Sleep?

In November, we had to make the hard decision to put down our cat Petunia due to late-stage feline diabetes. That same day, we adopted two new cats, Kizzy and Sir Charles Buttonsworth. This week, we found out Buttonsworth ... has feline diabetes. ...more
No, you definitely should not euthanase your cat!  Many cats will go into remission after a few ... more