How I Stopped My Grandmother from Ironing My Breasts

With long black hair, a slender body, and ebony skin, my cousin Aline’s beauty was obvious to every casual observer. She was pretty and intelligent. She had just turned twelve, and grandma kept an eye on her developing breasts and beauty. She kept saying Aline would soon start attracting men and get pregnant before getting married if nothing is done to those breasts. ...more
This is a terrible thing. Women need to learn to speak out -- even at a very young age as this ... more

Judge Blocks NYC Ban on Large Sugary Drinks: What Do You Think?

One day before it was due to go into effect, a New York State Supreme Court judge blocked New York City's plan, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to prohibit many businesses from selling "large sugary drinks." Image: Mr. T in DC via Flickr ...more
when I heard the news, I said "thumbs up" the judge. "Freedom" is part of the constitution, ... more