Small Talk Mama


I am a forty-something Midwestern wife and stay-at-home mother of one with a taste for adventure, abundant life and all things creative. Before loving a life as “Mom” I enjoyed being a graphic designer, marketing specialist and high school teacher.

Hobbies Include:  crafting, gardening, canoeing, photography, fishing, reading and waterfowl hunting

Matters of Religion: I’m an evangelical Christian, but I would love to have a closer walk with God. I believe God has a purpose for me, and I sure hope I don’t disappoint too often.

Position on Politics: I’m part of the nonexistent “Common Sense” party (although I’m a registered Republican).

Case for Creativity: I’m a tweeker and perfectionist (though I’m trying to mend my ways). I love to take the ideas of others and change, expand and improve them.

Ideas & Opinions: I have them and I share.