I Don't Have A Lot of Followers, But My Blog Still Has Value

The very first conversation I had at my very first BlogHer went something like this: Stranger: Hi! What do you blog about? Me: I write a sex blog. Stranger: What's the URL? Me: QueerieBradshaw.com Stranger: Opens up a website I've never seen before, types in my web address, examines statistics that pop up, looks disappointed, closes his computer and walks away without saying another word. ...more
Great piece. The numbers matter less to me than the connection. As I presented one year at ... more

What It's Like To Be Conference-Famous

Last July I had the privilege of being one of a handful of bloggers who read their article at the BlogHer 2015 Voices Of The Year ceremony, and I became "conference-famous." It changed my life in more ways than you might expect. ...more
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Please Wait for Me When Depression Makes Me Disconnect

I don't claim to speak on behalf of everyone who suffers from depression. It's a tremendously personal illness, and over the years I've noticed that those of us in the "depression camp" cope in very different ways. How we interact with our closest friends or partners is particular to each of us. Our reaction to those around us might be influenced by the nature of our illness (whether we also suffer from anxiety, for example) as well as the ways in which we've learned to cope (whether with the support of others or without). ...more
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Dear Mama, You Were Never Alone

I hear it all the time: I thought I was the only one!  I hear it in support groups and I read it in the comments on blogs and on Facebook. I hear it over the phone and I read it via messenger.  Each mother is totally and completely sure that she is alone in her illness, that she is the worst to ever have these symptoms and that it is her fault.Approximately 950,000 mothers will suffer from a Maternal Mental Illness each year. That is almost ONE MILLION MOMS. That is more than four times the number of women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer (about 210,000)....more
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How to Repurpose Your Freelance Writing for Another Publication

You've written a beautiful piece. You've crafted it perfectly to match the submission guidelines at your favorite publication. You sent it off within the deadline frame. You're feeling good about your chances. ...more
Expat Mum If it's time sensitive, I advise writers to only wait three days. If it's more ... more

How to Choose a Restaurant When You Have Hearing Loss

My favorite restaurant recently underwent a large renovation. It was necessary, as the place definitely needed an update, but I was crushed. This restaurant was my family's haven from noise. Every Friday night, almost without fail, we enjoyed a quiet, stress-free, delicious meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And none of us had to worry about my hearing loss. Were we going to have to find a new place? ...more
Thanks for this great post. Our oldest son has hearing loss, and we have quit eating at a number ... more

Great Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

Take a look at your holiday gift list, does someone on that list love planners? If so, you're one lucky person. ...more
This is the best list. EVER, more

Stop Taking Pictures of Memories You Aren't Really Making

As fast as they excitedly walked up to drive the tractor, they were equally rushed to leave it. In that moment, it dawned on me for a repeated time: we are constantly so busy getting the best pictures for the notorious annual Facebook celebrations that we are forgetting to have the memories that drive these pictures in the first place. "Go sit on that pumpkin! Put your face in that scarecrow head hole! Hold your pumpkin and smile in the great lighting! Ok let's go home and upload these..." ...more
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A Definitive Guide: Can I Wear These Leggings As Pants?

Well, the best time of year has arrived; pumpkin spice everything is on the shelves and in the air, Hobby Lobby is selling Christmas trees well before Halloween, and the assault on my eyes by women, who year after year, insist on wearing leggings inappropriately.     ...more
I take this point of view. ... more

The Day My Daughter Learned About Minecraft Griefers

My daughter's school was blown up. No students were harmed, but the main building on the campus was completely destroyed, as well as the nearby dorms. Before your start racking your noggin trying to recall when this horrendous act took place on U.S. soil, I should mention that this attack didn't happen in reality. Rather in my daughter's carefully constructed Minecraft world. During an epic online building jaunt with a few friends, a stranger came into her multi-player session and bombed the school she had meticulously built—a school that took her hours to create....more
I recommend picking up "Invasion of the Overworld" by Mark Cheverton. It's the first book in his ... more