Why All The Sex Talk On BlogHer?

I have been a part of BlogHer for 3-4 years. I am in their publishing network, and I get the daily newsletter. The reason I'm writing this is that I'm getting a little tired of clicking over to BlogHer and I might as well have clicked on to Cosmopolitan, as so many articles posted are sexual in nature. Now I'm not at all conservative in politics or manner nor sexuality. I could never have been called a prude. But now I'm 57 years old, and my years of reading Cosmopolitan magazine are far behind me. ...more
Blogher is an important venue for the discussion of feminist issues and sex is one of them.  Sex ...more

Living A Lie

We were sitting in my car, my husband and I, at the traffic light a block from our house. The light was red. That's when he started telling me about all the women. All the women he'd slept with in our 13 years of marriage. He spared no weapons as he cut me to the quick. It was mean-spirited and ugly. It was to bring my world crumbling down. And then the light turned green. I drove the block to our house, hit the mechanism to raise the garage door, and turned down the alley. I was on automatic. I was stunned. I was numb. ...more

Facing The Mistress

Three weeks ago today was my first divorce hearing. I walked into a courtroom to face my husband and his lover in the front row. His lover of over two years, I'd by then learned. ...more

Why We're Afraid Of Mental Illness

We've all averted our eyes when we happen upon a homeless person. As though the sight is simply too much to bear.It should be. That homeless person is likely mentally ill. And the mentally ill in our society suffer enough already. They certainly have the right to not just be noticed, but helped....more

As someone constantly battling severe depression, I know those societal norms all too ...more