My Online Friendships are REAL Friendships

I have a good friend that said to me a few months ago, “Well, you know that this isn’t real life, right?” referring to my excitement about interactions on social media related to my blog. I quickly responded with, “Of course, I know it’s not real. I can just walk away from my computer any time.” But then I started thinking.  ...more
It is real life. The friendships are just as real, if not more so. Pretty much my entire social ... more

5 Things I Want to Tell Nigella Lawson

On Sunday, photos were published showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being grabbed on the throat by her husband. The photos splashed over the internet showed him holding her by the throat and her leaving the restaurant in tears. It should come as no surprise that this story caught my attention. Ten years working with women escaping domestic violence leaves its mark on a person. I will always be a victim advocate even if I am no longer in the field....more
We should all go here: We should all say it. Brenda@Cozy Little House more

Dispatches From the Dark Side: My Battle With Suicidal Feelings

Trigger warning for talk of suicide If I was writing about almost any other health issue, I wouldn’t hesitate to post this. If I had diabetes, or cancer, or liver failure, you wouldn’t feel strange reading this. If I started out by saying, “I went to the hospital last night because I had the flu,” no one would think twice. No one would call it oversharing. No one would make me feel like I should be ashamed or embarrassed. But I didn’t go to the hospital because I had the flu. I went to the hospital last night because I wanted to die. ...more
I was about six years old when I experienced: I just want to go to sleep and the world just go ... more

Sandy Hook: When Are We Going to Protect Our Children and Act on Gun Control?

I’m going to talk about the epidemic of gun violence in this country and my outrage as a parent. So if you're going to protest "it's too soon" or "it's inappropriate now" or that it's "offensive," you can just move on. If you’re going to tell me that semi-automatic rifles and Glocks are not the problem, that guns don’t kill people, people do, save your breath. ...more
I wrote a post today saying I was not proud to be an American on this day because of the gun ... more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: One Mom Stood Up

One upon a time there was an 18-year-old-girl named Sarah*. He'd tell her that he would kill her if she left him. He had a gun. She knew because he had placed it to her head before. He'd beaten her so severely before she thought she could die if he didn't stop. So what would keep him from killing her if she left him? Not a damn thing. So she stayed and she tried to keep him happy. Walking on thin cracked ice and trying not to fall through. Trying to obey his rules to the letter but the rules kept changing and she couldn't keep up....more
I want to say that in my experience, not much has changed in terms of the police. I went through ... more

Watch Now: The Real Katie Couric's Video Invitation to BlogHer's Community

Oh thank heavens, the real Katie Couric has finally been released into the wild. Check out the true confession buried in her video below ... see what I mean? Get ready for a barn-burner of a keynote at BlogHer '12 -- and read on for an opportunity to participate yourself: ...more
Katie, I have long admired your spunky nature. I believe you and I are not far apart in age. ... more

Writing is Our Therapy

I learn best by writing. Whether it's studying for a test or trying to blog away a problem, like Dominique Browning so aptly put it in Slow Love, writing is the way I absorb my world....more
I am the same. I have used words as therapy since I was a child. I write every day, because it ... more

Cooking (and Cookies!) for One

One of the things that Dominique Browning admitted struggling with in her memoir, Slow Love is cooking for one. It's something I've struggled with and continue to struggle with when my husband goes off on business trips and I'm the only one home. The difference between me and Dominique? I actually enjoy cooking. ...more
I've never made a meal out of dessert, though I love sweets. I guess I'm like Dominique. I ... more

The "So What?" Lesson

I could learn a lot from Dominique Browning about gardening. The parts in Slow Love where she talked about her gardens and her approach to gardening were some of my favorites. Perhaps because when it comes to gardening I am a big chicken. Yes, I am scared of my flower beds. ...more
I am in the midst of a divorce. I want to use my journalism degree and write to earn a living. ... more

Stroller: Slow Love, Lost Love or Love Never Found?

In Dominique Browning's memoir, Slow Love, she spends a lot of time remembering and questioning a past relationship. In the book Browning calls him Stroller, a name that he chose for himself after rejecting Walker. Walker isn't his real name either, she chose it because he's best at walking away. And well, that sums up her relationship with Stroller. ...more
I would hate to read an account written of me by a former lover, firstly! And I got a bit tired ... more