Christmas is for Imperfect

It's Christmas Eve and many of us are in a flurry of activity, trying to finish all of the last-minute things that need to be done to create that perfect Christmas morning.The tree is trimmed, cookies are baking, turkeys are thawing.  We're still wrapping those last few gifts.  The past weeks have been a blur of Christmas card writing and shopping.  It's a wonderful time of year, but stress levels are very high.  We tear out our hair when things go wrong...and they always do.  Gifts don't arrive on time.  Flights get postponed.  Family gets snowed in.  You run out of tape.  The turkey burns.  In my own home, the Christmas cards just got mailed yesterday.  We decorated the tree this morning.  There was a great deal of bickering between me and my husband.  And I just finished wrapping the last gift at 9:45 PM.  Hardly a perfect Normal Rockwell Christmas....more

Conversations With Kids...A Vegetarian Christmas

Actual conversation I held today with several 5th graders:Kid #1: "So, you're a vegetarian, right?" Me:  "Yes.  And what does this have to do with the reading lesson?"Kid #1:  "Well, so you don't celebrate Christmas then." Me:  "Being a vegetarian doesn't have anything to do with Christmas.  It just means I won't be eating ham for Christmas."...more

And so it begins...

The holiday season.Many of you have been looking forward to the holidays.  Thoughts of turkeys roasting, pies baking, shopping madness, and time spent with family and friends have you filled with nostalgic happiness.I normally am a big fan of the holidays.  But I've been dreading this particular holiday season for quite some time now.  And now here it is upon us and I'm not sure how I feel....more

My Reverse Bucket List

Ah, yet another idea borrowed from a fellow blogger!  I saw this post the other day about a Reverse Bucket List.  The author was listing cool things they had done that they hardly remember.  I thought this was a great idea for a post.  Now, I do remember most of these events, but the "reverse bucket list" is a great way to remember your life and things that really made a big impression on you.  It fits in well with the Thanksgiving holiday that is coming up as well.  These are some cool things I have done for which I am grateful....more


One in five women will be raped during the course of their lifetime.  This is a statistic I have seen over and over since I started this blog and began learning more about rape.  I've had almost two years to really let that statistic sink in.  In order to wrap my head around what that number actually represented, I started trying to picture it.  I started by looking at the groups around me.  What would one in five women look like in my world?...more

Testicles...the new thing in holiday decor?

You can't go wrong with a title like that!  (I apologize up front for this post) :)Mr. One Woman and I are in the market for a new artificial Christmas tree.  I had seen a nice one at the store and he was perusing the holiday catalogs that have been in the mail lately....more

Be Amazing...

You know you want to :)...more

My Favorite Words

Yes, I'm being a total copy-cat this week! Yesterday, I copied a topic from BluntsBookBlog, and today I'm copying a topic once again. It's far too late and I've been far too busy and frustrated today for too much in the way of original thought. Sorry, guys!Today's topic is stolen flagrantly borrowed gratefully from The Curious Alouette.  Alouette has a unique and lovely blog that is sometimes in English, sometimes in French, and sometimes in both!  It's fun to test my extraordinarily rusty high school French on her posts.  I try desperately not to rush over to Google Translate.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.Anyway, the other day she posted about her favorite words, both in English and French.  As writers, words are our passion.  I love to wrap my pen around the perfect word.  I savor interesting words when I find them in a novel.  They're hidden treasures that make the story so much more engaging. ...more

1,000 Books?

Well, in case I didn't have enough to do in my non-existent spare time, I happened upon this little tidbit today:  "1000 Novels Everyone Must Read" I was perusing my blogs, and stopped by BluntsBookBlog.  There I found the 1,000 Book Challenge.  What's a blogger to do when NaBloPoMo is over?  Why, read 1,000 books of course! ...more

The Rape of Men

***I am placing a huge trigger warning on this one. The article I have linked to is very graphic and extremely upsetting. Please, please, be careful reading it if you are a survivor.***...more