Cooking club month 2: Pasta!

Last month we made mozzarella cheese..and this month it was pasta!Since I had made mozzarella a few times before, I hosted/taught last month.This month Jacob took over and hosted everyone at his apt.We made pasta with two kinds of wheat flour (semolina and durum).It was actually pretty easy, although I'm going to need more practice at the rolling part!We used a ratio of 1 c. flour to 1 egg.You crack the egg right into the center of a little flour mountain, and mix with a fork in the center....more

Victim blaming & blog trolls

Just a few weeks ago, a 15 year old was brutally attacked and gang-raped in front of a group (of spectators) after she left a homecoming dance. According to various news reports, the young girl was found shirtless and unconscious under a cement picnic table, and was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. Various witnesses now say the assault went on for as long as two hours, with a crowd of up to 15 people watching....more

Need to use social networking sites? Novel idea! Hire someone who uses them daily!

About half of teens reference substance use or other risky behaviors on social networking Web sites, such as MySpace, a recent study found.The study was published in the January issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. A related studynotes that developing online interventions using these social networkingvenues may be a cost effective way to reduce risky behaviors. ...more

New York Times <3--Debunking Crack Baby Myth

I took a really interesting class last term about prenatal and infant development. The professor does a lot of research about depression and fetal/infant outcomes, and also did some work on the 'crack baby' epidemic. I was shocked when she told us that there is overwhelming evidence that the entire epidemic was little more than a scare tactic. ...more