Pork Stew with Tomatoes

This pork stew recipe is an extended version of pork nilaga (Filipino-style pork stew). The ingredients (e.g. pork, carrots, potatoes) are cut in big chunks; however, cooks slowly under low-medium heat so that flavors of the spices and tomatoes are infused into the chunks....more

Arroz caldo, the Filipino-style congee

I wasn't feeling well the other day. I thought I needed something hot and heavy for the tummy to ease my queasiness.  ...more

Chili Chicken in Oyster Sauce

Do you like spicy foods? Well, this chili chicken recipe might work for you. It's a chicken recipe, seasoned with fish paste, (a lot of) oyster sauce; and one that is adorned by french beans and long green chili.It's simply yum. ...more

Pinakbet 3-Veggie Recipe

Pinakbet or pakbet is one of the easiest stir-fry dish I know. It's full of flavors coming from the juicy tomatoes, slimy okra (ladyfinger), modest eggplants and the strong flavors of bitter gourd. Others also use pumpkin or squash and string beans into the mix. But for me, and for now, I'm happy with this 3-veggie recipe. Simple. Tasty. Quick and Easy.  ...more

Sweetened Plantains (Goin' Bananas!)

How do I enjoy my bananas? With sweets please!In the Philippines, we call this treat minatamis na saging. It's easily done; and really, really tastes good! All you need are sugar, plantains, water for boiling and you are all set....more
Mmm plantains.more

Cinnamon French Toast Minis

These tiny french toasts dabbed with cinnamon powder are my latest home-cooking adventure. It's adorned by sweet maple syrup and it best eaten with fruits and coffee!! Well, for kids, chocolate milk would make a good pair for this minis.It's definitely a treat!...more

Sinanglay with a Big Tilapia - It can be done!

Sinanglay is a traditional fish recipe in Bicol, Philippines. Palm-sized tilapia are usually used as they are to be stuffed with colorful veggies. I cooked my sinanglay with a big tilapia. As the wrap, I used big cos lettuce. It was a delight!...more

Daing na Bangus (Vinegar Marinade for Fish)

Filipinos love daing na bangus. It's fish marinated in vinegar, garlic and pepper and salt. When fried and eaten with eggs, ahhh... it's heaven.Here's my very own marinade recipe for daing na bangus. Bangus is milkfish in English, by the way....more

Fight Colds with this Potent Juice Drink

I recently caught an awfully annoying cold last week. It didn't stay long though, because I immediately fought it with my powerful juice concoction. It's a spritzy citrus drink with a touch of mint.Best medicine ever!!! ...more

My Easy-Piecey Marinara Sauce Recipe

I've always enjoyed marinara sauces. I love them in pasta, dips and as fillers in my tacos. Home-made marinara sauces are the best, too! That's because you know what exactly goes in your dish. With that, I'd like to share my low-sodium, low-calorie marinara sauce recipe. I hope you enjoy it!Nyomnyom!!...more