Mother Knows Best - Health and Wellness

In honor of Mother's Day, this is my contribution to BlogHer's Mother Knows Best series. It seems most of us start off our lives blindly believing that our mothers know best. Then sometime during adolescence we are suddenly convinced that our mother knows nothing, and of course, we know it all. But, as we get older, we slowly come back to realizing that our mothers (in many cases) did know best. Why is that? Is it some kind of genetic programing? What ever the case, we almost all experience this phenomena in one way or another. ...more

I wrote this Mother's Day feature for the Tampa Tribune's magazine as a gift to moms ... more

You're Alone in the Car with Your Kid and You Have Chest Pains: What Do You Do?

It's a nightmare thought, isn't it? I took a baby CPR class when I was pregnant. I know how to help my daughter if she chokes, drinks poison, gets a burn, breaks an arm or encounters a bee. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do if something happens to me. And me is usually the person in charge. And that's scary. Let's educate ourselves.     ...more

This happened to my grandmother when I was visiting her years ago.  I was a teenager without ... more

Older Today than Yesterday

A while back The New York Times reported on Simulating Age 85, With Lessons on Offering Care. The article described a training program called Xtreme Aging. People in training do things like wear distorting glasses, wear ear plugs, tape up their knuckles to make movement difficult and walk with kernels of corn in their shoes to simulate how it feels to be old. ...more

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, I'm constantly on the lookout for great resources ... more

An Interview With Brigadier General Gary Cheek on Veterans Care

It’s been more than a year since the Washington Post broke a series of reports on dire straits at Walter Reed, the Army’s largest rehabilitation hospital.  Forced by public outcry, the Army leadership promised a change.  This change “came in the form of Warrior Transition Units.” ...more

Thanks for a great piece and super information.  I recently learned about two other ... more

Hurricane Gustav: New Orleans mayor orders evacuation as social networks offer help

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has ordered the evacuation of his city, reports The New York Times - and this time it's mandatory. According to's breaking news page, Gustav looks bigger and badder than Katrina, and nearly 20-foot waves have already been spotted in the Caribbean. ...more

We can't control the weather, unfortunately, so those of us who live along the South ... more

Attn: Seniors - You have choice in selecting your care provider!

Attn: Seniors and their loved ones - You have a choice regarding your selection of care providers.   I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own homework finding out how the healthcare system works and what is available to seniors if needed. ...more

My compliments on the thoroughness and high quality of your information.  You're ... more

Not Your Neighbor's McMansion: New Approaches to Housing

Changing times call for changing houses. Several forces are combining to propel a movement to small houses in contrast to the increasingly large houses known as "McMansions" which have become popular in the past few decades. ...more

I discovered a great book on this topic last year while I was covering the ... more

Live Blog: BlogHer @ SXSW: Respect Your ElderBloggers

Here's my recap of this terrific session, featuring: Lori Bitter Ronni Bennett Lori: The three things we want to cover are: 1. Why reaching out to the elder market is good business 2. Why it's a social good 3. What needs to change as far as products, services and marketing ...more

I enjoyed your post, as this is a subject (and practice) to which I'm passionately ... more