Morning Routine: Starting Off Right

The kids have been in school for about 4 weeks now, and we decided to make a change to how we started our day.  Okay, I decided and had to find a way to get them on board.  Because here is how our normal school/work mornings look.6:30 My first alarm  (hit snooze till it quits)7:00 My second alarm  (turn off then lay there for a few)7:05 Start waking everyone up7:15 Get in shower7:30 Realize that no one is actually yet up and moving though they are awake...more

For my Boys: Know Who You Are

Strong, Brave, KindSilly, Wild, PlayfulInquisitive, Driven, ExpandingLoved, Cherished, WantedGrowing, Challenging, Seeking...more

I'm Not Ready! End of Summer Blues

 School starts this week for the big and the little.  5th grade and Preschool. We have the supplies, we’ve met the teachers, and even been shopping for food to make lunch boxes. ...more

I Made My 10-Year-Old a Blog -- and You Should Too!

Last week, my just-turned 10-year-old told me he'd like to film some videos for YouTube on tips for Wiffle Ball. Apparently there is some Wiffle Ball whiz kid who makes videos that my son thinks are awesome. And supposedly they've helped him have some "sick" pitches. So I made him a deal. ...more
@Mom of A and a So true- and I much prefer that where I can help shape them then hidden under a ...more

I Want to Blow My Brains Out

 I read a "cute" little blog piece today about our children's annoying behaviors, with "cute" little caption that read this:  Keep Calm and then Blow Your Brains Out. But six years ago today, my brother did "blow his brains out."  Or so we think.  He's been missing for six years today.  This hour six years ago?  He'd just bought a shotgun.  His first gun purchase ever.  He'd tried to buy a handgun, but when learning of the three day wait period, bought a shotgun instead.  Then he walked away. ...more
I clicked this because I read the title and cringed thinking it would be a joke about suicide, ...more

A Promise to a Dying Child

What would you do, if during your child’s last hour on earth, they asked you to make a promise to carry on their work?...more

The Baseball Mom Rules

Our baseball season just wrapped up, much differently than we expected or hoped.  Drew watched the last game from the dugout, with an injured knee, but cheering his team on and still a big part of it.  He's played through illness and injury, with a bruised and taped hand, with a busted lip, a busted nose, a tweaked ankle, with ibuprofen and with many puffs of his inhaler.  The only games he'd ever missed in 6 years of baseball were when his breathing was so bad he was either in the hospital or about to go in.  So it took a lot to hold him back.  Parenting an athlete...more

Our Guide through the Storm Season

We're in a Tropical Storm right now here in Florida, with enough rain to make you think to build an ark and enough wind to blow you over.  Except that in this very minute, it's calm and there is no rain.  But when I look at the sky, I know it's just a momentary lapse, and the worst of the storm is yet to come....more
@We Band of Mothers And I've never even had a basement!  Definitely what you're used to that ...more

The Case of the Missing Rooster

Photo Credit:  Eden Kendall of 99.9 Gator Country, Jacksonville, FL ...more

To the Class of 2013

As the Class of 2013 prepares to take the next steps on their journey, moving from high school or college, I begin to step back and reminisce about the years since my last graduation.  I think my younger self would be overwhelmed to know the future, but I think I'd be proud of where I am.  There are some things I'd tell myself though, and since I can't, let me share them with you, the class of 2013....more