InfluenceHer 360: An Incredible Story of the Power of Blogging

BlogHer’s Influencers have always been at the heart of BlogHer’s growth, success, and stability in an ever-changing digital marketplace. We’ve learned a lot together, and our Influencers' awesome content and communities have given us an incredible results story to share with sponsors. I am writing to say thank you to them, and to share how BlogHer Influencers are helping to set new standards for excellence. ...more
As a software product manager and blogger, I know that this is HUGE for the team who has worked ... more

Tribute to my Mother's Strength

When she took my dying son from my arms, I let her. I held my breath until I felt myself leave my body, only coming back because my baby needed me. I ignored the chemical smell of the hospital and instead focused on how much my son’s hair curled like his father’s. I watched my mother whisper prayers to him and adjust his newborn hospital hat making him look presentable, as if he were getting ready for a special meeting. She took a tissue from her purse, wet it with her spit and wiped the blood from the punctures in his little hands and arms. ...more
What beauty and strength from both of you. more

Announcing BlogHer '14: Bringing BlogHer Back to the Bay Area for Our 10th Annual Conference!

Today Lisa, Jory, and I are thrilled to announce that the 10th annual BlogHer Conference will return to its Bay Area birthplace next July 24-26, 2014 in San Jose, CA! You can (and probably should) register now! ...more
Was hoping for a more central location, but still putting it on my calendar and hoping I can ... more

Dear Writers: Success Is Mattering to Somebody

If the writer I was six or seven years ago could have sat at my desk yesterday, snooped around in my email, spied my name on the spine of a hardcover book propped up between bookends, and discovered my writing in a stack of glossy magazines, she would have taken it all as evidence that I’d finally made it. Success....more
I love this.  I loved the analogy of the small business owner that we don't see as a failure ... more

Could I Actually Become a Full-Time Blogger?

"You want to do what? Can you really make money at that?" is the reaction I usually get when I talk about wanting to leave the 9-to-5 world to stay home and become a full-time blogger. It’s said in the same condescending “Oh, that’s cute” voice used when a three-year-old says she wants to be the next president or pop star. Now don’t get me wrong, my family and friends are supportive of my blog and writing, but many view it as more of a hobby than something “real.” But I know it’s real. So the question is, do I have what it takes to leave the work world I’ve known and make a-go of this, writing in my space and picking up freelance work because of my blog? ...more
Dreaming of it myself!  My other passion is speaking, and I do believe that eventually between ... more

Keep it Real on Your Blog

It's too easy in the online world to not only try to keep up with the Joneses, but to start doing what we all know the Joneses are doing: presenting the prettiest parts of their lives.  Soon the social media world starts feeling a little plastic.  To combat our tendency to only put our best foot forward, Come What May and Love It suggests keeping it real.  She presents a bullet point list of aspects of her life you may have misunderstood based on her presentation of it. ...more
Heather is amazing, thank you for showcasing her today, and this post that we all need to read! more

Invitation: Join The Suicide Awareness and Prevention Blog Carnival!

So glad you posted this- I will definitely be participating! more

(POLL) Hannah Anderson Rescued: Is the Digital AMBER Alert Working?

I got back last last night from a weekend outside cell service to news that was an incredible relief: 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, the teenage girl who had been abducted by a friend of the family also suspected of killing her mother and brother, had been rescued in Idaho by FBI agents. ...more
I'm actually appalled that people will turn this off.  My brother has been missing for 6 years.  ... more

I am a Fat Runner

It is true. I am a fat runner. Or... I should be more specific. I am overweight. Significantly. As in, at only 5"3, I weigh in at 177 pounds.  There is no disputing my weight... or my body mass index or even my clothing size. Most of all, there is no disputing the impact that my weight has on my running. ...more
Elena, I'm almost exactly the same size as you, and I've given up on running many times, mostly ... more

I Left BlogHer '13 Feeling Like a Loser, but Maybe I'm Just on My Own Path

I left BlogHer '13 feeling like a loser. This was not the fault of the hardworking women who organized and led the event. BlogHer is the world's largest blogging conference for women and I felt quite privileged to have had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for this year's event, which was held July 25-27. The breakout sessions were informative and to call the keynote speakers inspiring would be an understatement. I was in awe of the confidence of Ree Drummond (better known as the Pioneer Woman) and can't count how many times she made me laugh out loud. ...more
I love this.  I didn't go, and though I really want to in 2014, wonder if I'll come out more ... more