Earn The Necklace


EarnTheNecklace.com is a web site featuring stories written by women in relationships with much older men, who want to help other women in the same situation. The site helps women in this position understand and navigate the potential ups, downs, joys, trials, and even unforeseen consequences, all based on real-life stories from women who have been in the same situation. Plus, the web site offers other celebrity gossip and juicy stories, all geared to those who are in a relationship with a much older man.  To learn more about Earn the Necklace, visit the web site at http://www.earnthenecklace.com/. If you are a woman dating or married to a man 20 years or more older than you, we want to hear from you! And if it’s a story we publish, we’ll pay you $500, with an opportunity to write more. For more information, e-mail us at Bianca(at)EarnTheNecklace(dot)com.