Grab-and-Go Breakfasts Ease Morning Routines

I remember those days well, when the kids would scream at each other through the bathroom door, racing the clock as if their lives depended on it. ...more

Starting the day in a crazy, frenetic, toast-flying frenzy only guarantees that the day will be golden.

I remember those days well, the days when the kids would scream at each other through the bathroom door, racing the clock as if they’re lives depended on it. Having all three children going to three different schools arriving at various times CLOSE to each other made for an awesomely GREAT morning! Bitchy was at the high school, Sassy at the middle school and The Golden Boy came with me to Smith and Wesson Elementary School each day. Each morning was a mix of chaos, frustration and fighting....more

Our Not So Happy Valley...

You knew it was coming. (I just can’t keep my mouth shut.) I have been a teacher for 24 years. I have been a mother for 22 years. I have been a person with a beating heart for 52 years. I have had a conscience and a high level of empathy for at LEAST 30 of those years. (Let’s just forget about those teenage years, shall we?) As a teacher, mother, and most importantly a person who CARES for the welfare and well being of children, I am both horrified and heartbroken over what is transpiring tonight over there in the happiest of valleys....more

It couldn't have happened at a better time!(aka back to school...)

Well, it’s that time of year. (Parents, you know what I’m talking about!) It’s the time of year when parents of school aged children are doing the happy dance! Oh, I know the happy dance- I’m doing the happy dance myself! I might be the teacher, but I am also a mom. The happy dance comes at the end of a long, fun-filled summer- a summer filled with wet bathing suits, mildewed beach towels, empty wallets, fresh cut grass tracked across your hard wood floors, endless sleepovers, pool dates, golf dates, play dates and movie dates....more

My Top 5 "Keep the Kids Safe Online" List

I am always horrified and saddened when I see stories that involve missing children. As a parent, a teacher and a human being, I can't imagine anything more horrifying. I am watching the story about the missing child from New Hampshire (whose body was recently found in the Connecticut River) with the same horror and shock as everyone else in the nation, and it is a grim reminder about our responsibilities to our children, and their safety....more
My daughter Hates it but I monitor friends on FB, the trouble is kids will 'friend' anyone as ...more

No more pencils, no more books. But plenty of tears.

I spent an inordinate amount of time this morning, on our last day of school, putting on my make-up. I shouldn’t have bothered. In our elementary school have some wonderful traditions for the end of the year. One of them is somewhat new, and was brought to us by some young and amazing fifth grade teachers....more

Some lessons cut like a knife.

I started the year with 20 students of varying ability, age and ethnicity.     ...more

We really can make a difference. But only if we stick together.

I hear and read here and there, that people think that teacher’s have it easy. They spout about the three months off during the summer, and other various things that they think make out job easy. ...more

As a unionized graduate student research assistant (I'm working on my PhD in Information ...more

Sometimes your courage has to just come from within.

I knew he wouldn’t leave.   He informed me many times over that he had no intention of leaving the “starter” house we had purchased what seems like a thousand year ago.    I knew in my heart that he wouldn’t.   He wanted that house, and I never did.   I picked up the water bill and took a drive along the back way, through some farmland and down a lonely stretch of road.  I hadn’t traveled this route recently, but was searching for some quiet time to collect my thoughts.  ...more

Is Your Child's Video Game System Changing Her Eyesight?

In kindergarten, we begin our day with a morning meeting. We greet each other by shaking hands and saying the name of the person we are greeting. Then, we participate in Telling Sharing. This is when it gets exciting. Historically, the children share about birthday parties, family activities, the family pet or an embarrassing but humorous story about a sister, brother, uncle or neighbor; but not lately. For the last several years the children will try to share about a game. Not Monopoly, Scrabble, Trouble or Uno; the game is almost always a video game. ...more
@FireMom I'm in agreement. Not to mention other fine and gross motor skills that are effected.more