NaBloPoMo: Study Spots

Exam season is upon many college and university students and the struggle to find a spot in the library is near impossible. To be honest, I'm not one to be able to stay for very long at the library, unless it's inside one of the study rooms which, unfortunately, have to be booked ahead of time. Here are a few spots that I have found some sort of peace of mind and actually got work done (save for that 1-hour break I give to myself because I think I deserve it)....more

Breathe in... Breathe out... Move in... Move out...

At last, a little bit of peace and quiet and time for myself. Albeit, there are still unopened boxes and various miscellaneous items strewn about the place - nonetheless, I reserve the right to take a break! The first thing I set up was the router, thus my excitement to write my first (true) post. I am currently writing on my newly constructed bed in my room, but I was inspired to write about my new living arrangements while sitting on one of the foldable chairs in the living/dining room....more