Kaplan University Faculty Interviews: Dr. Betty Vandenbosch

Going back to school as an adult requires support and dedication. As the Dean of Students at Kaplan University, Dr. Betty Vandenbosch offers that support to thousands of students each year. In fact, she went through her own midlife career change, moving from technology and business to education and administration....more

Kaplan University Faculty Interviews: Dr. Drew Ross

Technology and education are a powerful combination, for students and educators alike. Online learning is expanding our educational horizons every day, and Dr. Drew Ross is at the forefront of that expansion as the Dean of the School of Graduate Education at Kaplan University. In this blog, Dr. Ross shares some of the powerful ways that technology is changing business and education and talks about the growing need for "instructional technologists." ...more

Survey: Mentors and Networks - Critical Support for Your New Career

Changing careers is a big step into unknown territory, and Andryce Zurick knows that having a professional network and a mentor on your team can be crucial to your success. During her more than 30 years of corporate experience —with major telecom companies like Verizon and Sprint—Zurick has taken the role of mentor and coach to many women in the business world....more

Social Media and Your Job Search: Tips for Using Facebook and LinkedIn to Help Get You Hired

Looking good to potential employers isn't just about dressing sharp for interviews anymore. Today, employers are more likely to search for information about potential employees online and find out first hand what the world wide web has to say about them. So, for job seekers, it’s not only essential to ensure your Internet image mirrors your professional image, but that you use social media tools to help you stand out from the crowd....more

Turning Your Passion Into Reality!

Reinvention has many faces –- you may decide to launch your own business, change careers or launch a new creative venture that allows you to express other dimensions while retaining your current job. How do you manage that? Where do you find the education and resources that you need Elisa Varian is a busy editorial professional at Kaplan University and the author of the blog A Karmatastic Life, which is dedicated to spreading the word about good deeds that everyday people do on a regular basis ....more

X-Ray Tech Develops New Career Helping Kids

Even the most established careers can suddenly vanish. That's what happened to graduate Maureen Petengill. However, her unexpected change was the start of something better and more fulfilling. See her story in this video from Kaplan University's Visionary Voices series. ...more

Launching your Career as a Nurse

Becoming a nurse may be a very attractive prospect for people making a career change right now, with new jobs in the profession expected to skyrocket in the next decade. One key factor to consider in looking toward a nursing career is the education you will need and where that education can take you....more
I just started to get my GE's so I can become a nurse! more

A Path to Entrepreneurship

Starting a new business is a big undertaking that involves a lot of planning and risk. As the head of Kaplan University's FastTrac program, Dr. Carol Hancock teaches her students how to manage those risks and plan for entrepreneurial success....more

Online Learning: The 50+ Advantage

According to Tim Driver, founder and CEO of RetirementJobs.com, one of the best ways to transform your retirement with a new job is by going back to school and finishing your degree. In today’s service-driven economy, having the right skills is invaluable -- especially if you’re over 50. Gaining them online at Kaplan University may give you an advantage.   ...more
Reinventing oneself is a great way to stay young.more

Real-Estate Agent Flips Her Career at Age 52

When her career gave her lemons, Carol Platt made lemon sorbet. She reassessed her options and leveraged her years of experience to create a pathway to a new, more promising career.“I grew up in North Carolina. My parents worked for textile mills and they both had fourth grade education. My mom always wanted me to get an education. When I graduated from high school it was my dream to go to college. I failed the first class... chemistry. I was overwhelmed. So I left after about a year and a half. Got a job and then kept trying to go back to school.”...more