I Went Soap-Free and I Liked It

I've gone soap-free. I like it. And I'm not alone. ...more
Very interesting!  I use Biotin shampoo on my hair and lather for privates. But have to use ...more

New Fuel Economy Standard: 54.5 mpg by 2025

Clean air lovers rejoice: Cars in the U.S. are going to get a lot more fuel efficient. Earlier today, President Obama -- along with automakers -- announced new fuel economy standards. As NPR reports, "The agreement pledges to double overall fuel economy to 54.5 mpg by 2025, bringing even greater under-the-hood changes to the nation's automobiles starting in model year 2017. Cars and trucks on the road today average 27 mpg."...more
Good news! For the next few years, all car manufacturers would have to do in order to meet the ...more

Laurie David's Family Dinners Make a Difference Talk

Laurie David is best known for her work with Al Gore on the environment, but she also knows the value of sitting down with her family. ...more

Good Food Now: Join the Big Fight for Better Eats

Of course, when you focus on tackling those bigger problems -- childhood obesity, say -- they can seem so vast that you get discouraged from ever getting involved in finding solutions. Still, changing what you eat in your own home is a relatively simple task that clearly has much bigger environmental and health consequences. If you've made personal changes -- whether it's to eat more fresh veggies, to seek out more local produce, or to opt for organic products whenever possible -- you're already part of the solution. ...more

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Take a ...more

(INTERVIEW) Erin Bried, Author of "How to Build a Fire"

For scrappy upcyclers and would-be renaissance women alike, Erin Bried's DIY book, How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew, serves as a savvy guide to financially savvy, self-sufficient, and sustainable living. But why would a girl stop at just learning just what her grandma knows when she can pick up her grandpa's hard-learned lessons too? Thus, How to Sew a Button got a sequel of sorts: How to Build a Fire and Other Handy Things your Grandfather Knew, a more boyish set of DIY tips for the well-rounded modern man -- or woman! ...more

3 Creative Challenges to Waste Less Food and Save Money

If you're like most Americans, you send an impressive amount of your hard-earned cash down the garbage disposal -- in the form of food waste. Okay, some of you don't have garbage disposals, and some of you compost all food scraps (good for you!), but you get my point: Many of us waste a lot of food. In America, we throw away nearly half our food, as food waste expert Jonathan Bloom's documented in his fascinating book, American Wasteland. ...more

On a business trip to Britain I kept catching this ridiculous infomercial style food saving ...more

Life Without Bananas or Rice? Scientists Try to Save Crops at Risk

Have you ever wondered why, no matter where you go, bananas always look so -- similar? That's because all those bananas are genetically identical. A single disease could easily wipe them all out. Thanks both to our penchant for monoculture farming and the threat of climate change, the future of many of our staple foods is uncertain. This uncertainty is worrying enough that scientists have kicked off a search for wild relatives of our most commonly consumed foods. The idea is that by revisiting our crops' past, we'll be able to ensure their futures. ...more

Seed collection and preservation for diverse food supply is unimaginably important.

The ...more

Holiday Gift Guide: Green Gifts for Every Eco-lifestyle

This is the year to stop giving crappy gifts -- those weird plasticky objects that are barely functional and easily breakable. Whether you need targeted tips for eco-friendlier gift shopping or broad ideas for making the gift-giving experience more meaningful this season, first read fellow Blogher CE Beth Terry's green gifting guidelines. But if you already know the basics of eco-friendly gifting -- and now need some specific gift ideas -- consider this shortlist! ...more

paired with the microloan. Thinking outside the box, and on the affordable side.more

Downsized Kitchen: Living Well with an Itty Bitty Cooking Space

If my kitchen were only half its size, would I still be able to eat healthfully? That was one of my biggest fears, moving from a relatively spacious apartment to a less than 400 square foot studio earlier this month. With little cooking space, and pretty much no counter space, would dining in get too difficult -- or even impossible? ...more

Thanks. Great ideas! My kitchen isn't as small as yours, but I love your under the counter ...more

5 Simple Living Bloggers Show Downsizing Can be Smart-sizing

Early this month, I moved from what I considered a relatively spacious half-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica -- to a tiny, less-than-400-square-foot apartment in West Hollywood. I just tried to figure out exactly how small it is -- but I can't locate the measuring tape in its new hiding spot! In any case, the move got me seriously thinking about tiny living, downsizing, simplicity, organization, and efficiency. And thanks to both the economy and the environmental movement, many other women are rethinking their personal American dreams, wondering if smaller can, indeed, make for a better, happier life. ...more
I too downsized, moving to a studio apartment of 300 square feet.  It made me look at things ...more