Jennifer Lawrence's Private, Nude Photos Were Not Leaked

Why is everyone saying that the nude photos published this weekend were "leaked?" Does mis-naming horrible things make us feel better about them? Leaking information to the press may happen in politics or business, but that's not what happened here. ...more
Great post, Deb. Shared! Very insightful. Also, the Brits are talking about prosecuting people ... more

Dear Mommy Bloggers - A Kind Heads-up If You're Going to BlogHer '14

This was originally published on my blog,  Clothesline Confessional, soon after getting back home from BlogHer '13. This was a hard time for me, as I was in the middle of struggling with some rough news about my reproductive health. I have since made some peace with this news, but I can't help but think about other non-Mommy bloggers who might be in the same position that I was in last year. From the archives:  Dear Mommy bloggers,...more
Amen. Being a mom doesn't define me. The comments on my blog, do. Just kidding! But it's a great ... more

5 Things Never to Say to an IVF Patient

So you think you can empathize with someone going through IVF?  Maybe you held your best friend's hand as she went through the madness.  Spoke to her in her deepest lows about adoption or what if's?  You cried with her before and during treatments, and after her baby was conceived, you worried with her until he/she came.  This is all great and I am not here to discredit anyone's experiences with or friendships with someone going through a hard time conceiving a baby. ...more
The items that you list are by far the most important. But I wouldn't mind adding a 6th, if you ... more