NaBloPoMo Soup: Open Thread for November NaBloPoMo Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is an open thread for people to post a link to their daily November NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the comment section below to add your post, and peruse the comment section in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more

California Raisins Hosts Afternoon Poolside Getaway

Reserve Your Spot Now – Space is Limited!...more

Robin Waldman

The ... more

The Government Shutdown: What's Shutting Down? Does It Affect You?

Barring a Hail Mary budget, at midnight tonight, we're going to find ourselves in the middle of a government shutdown. But what, exactly, does this mean? The last two government shutdowns came in 1995 and 1996, and we can predict a bit how this one will go based on what happened back then. ...more

I'm a federal employee. Most of us just want to do our work, and we're being told not to because ... more

Day 6: How to Make Really Good Chicken Stock

Roasting the meat and the veggies in the oven makes for a caramelized flavor that gives soup some depth -- this is not a light, "chicken" stock but rather a rich, soulful stock, which makes an intriguing, mysterious soup. Or, you know, just a very tasty one. ...more

I always save the fat and use it when I make matzah balls - I'm sure it would be great for ... more

Win a Suitcase Full of Cookies from Pepperidge Farm!

Pepperidge Farm invites cookie lovers to discover the ultimate taste destination, courtesy of its American Collection of crispy and soft baked cookies. With real, quality ingredients and indulgent flavor combinations, the American Collection cookies transform an ordinary snack break into a delectable cookie escape worth experiencing time and time again....more

I looove the Sausolito cookies!

BlogHer Voice of the Week: The Not-Ever-Still Life

Last week's BlogHer '10 conference reminded me that women are fixers, so many of us anyway. Have a problem? We're here for you -- we want to sit down together, listen, hold your hanky, your hand, your heart. ...more

It's another rainstormy morning here in Maryland but you totally just made my ... more