DeeDee is the author of, a family friendly blog that has been entertaining harried moms since 2006.  As a freelance writer, DeeDee embraces the online world with all 10 typing fingers and is proud to be counted among the close knit and quickly growing group of Mommy Bloggers.  The dialogue at Fiddledeedee is often silly, sometimes informative, and always supportive.


DeeDee is the moderator of MSN's Mom's Homeroom Message Boards, and is a featured guest blogger for the site.  She also is a monthly contributor for 5 Minutes for Parenting.


She is also proud to be counted as an official BlogHer Reviewer, and was recently a Momspotter for the Family Connection's campaign.


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Something that might surprise you about her:  "I've played poker with Brad Pitt.  More than once."


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