I Became a Mom in This House -- and Now I'm Leaving

On Friday, we closed on our new house. I can tell you, quite honestly, that I am overjoyed. I am thrilled with the prospects of painting and starting with a clean slate and doing whatever I want to a much bigger house in a much safer neighborhood. I am over the moon. I am elated. I am crying as I write this....more
Jenna, congratulations on your new home!  I became a mom in this house, and because we've ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 7: Share A Moment and Enter to Win a Kindle Fire!

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching April 6. ...more
Recently, when my nerves had reached the jumping off point, I asked my 7 year old (who speaks ... more

Helping Your Kids Understand Happiness

The best advice I can give about helping kids understand happiness is to be happy yourself. Your modeling, behavior, language, reactions, goals, habits, mood, and reinforcement all influence how your child will perceive and understand happiness. If you want your children to be happy, then I believe you first must be happy. ...more
In the midst of raising three grounded children in a world that I can only describe as out of ... more

Celebrate with these Thanksgiving recipes and enter to win!

Read on to learn about the GE CaféTMline of appliances and enter to win a GE CaféTM  Advantium 120V oven!...more
A favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to gather with my husband's large and rambunctious family ... more

Who Will Win This Season's "Dancing with the Stars" Competition?

Have you been following ABC's Dancing with the Stars series this fall?  The passion, heart break and glory under the mirror ball has been a relentless roller coaster.  Who do you think will be the winner this season?  Do you have a special favorite? Were you shocked when Chynna Phillips got kicked off?  Did you cry when J.R. dedicated his dance to "If You're Reading This" to the men and women in uniform?...more
I cried like a little girl during J.R. Martinez dance to "If You're Reading This." Pitiful. I ... more

Finding Love Through Animal Rescue

While I'm probably more of a cat person than a dog person, I found much to appreciate in Julie Klam's Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself. Giving rescued animals a forever home is something that is near and dear to me. While not all the animals in my life have come from a shelter, they've all been rescues. ...more
I had a very clear NO PET CLAUSE written into my marriage contract. And then a sweet rescue dog ... more

The Beautiful Skin Habit, Brought to You by Olay Pro-X Clear

Beautiful skin is more than skin deep: Skin is an obvious indicator of health and when you’re not feeling well, it shows. Instead of hoping for a quick fix when skin reacts under stressful situations, it’s a much better idea to adopt habits that will give you the healthy skin you want for life. The little things you do every day have a bigger impact on the way your skin looks like than any one-time cure ever will. The good news is that habits that are good for your health also tend to improve the look of your skin. That’s quite the added bonus! ...more
Every single one of these!!! Well. I do have issues with #7. But chasing after 3 children ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes: Share A Moment - Enter to Win $250

What is a Life Well Lived Moment to you? Is it when you feel confident because you’re looking your best? Does it happen when you’re feeling buttoned up, organized and on top of the world? Or does it come when you feel happy, content and in charge of your life? Whatever that moment, whenever it comes, however it looks to you -- we want to hear about it! Please share your Life Well Lived Moment below in the comments* to be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card. ...more
My life well lived moment just happened tonight, when I realized that I had gotten through ... more

Another Earth: A Movie Review

Science and sci fi fans will be interested in this new movie about a young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program who learns about a mirror image earth. Melissa Silverstein reviews it on Women and Hollywood. She said, ...more

This looks like my kind of movie. Cannot wait for it to come to my neck of the ... more

Educated (or Not) in America

Before my daughter was born, I taught four semesters of composition at Kansas City Kansas Community College, and I thought about teaching high school. I took exactly one semester of classes toward an undergraduate teaching certificate. It only took one semester to completely break my spirit and enrage me with the environment of despair among teachers in the wake of No Child Left Behind. The classes were filled with discussions of curriculum lockdown, teaching to the test and not having time to even explain anything before having to move on. ...more

Oh Rita, I hear you. I have 4 people in my immediate family that are teachers (one private, 3 ... more