What It's Like Being an Introvert

I've been called a lot of things over the years: quiet, shy, reserved, socially awkward, rude, a bitch, weird, anxious, anti-social. I've heard the cliche, "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!" so many times that I may actually punch the next person who says it to me right in the face. I get "You're so quiet!" and "Why don't you talk?" so much that it shouldn't even bother me anymore. But it does....more
This book has been so helpful to so many people: introverts and those who love them!  I have to ... more

The Day Skinny Found My Daughter

“Mommy, aren’t I skinny?!” I may have gasped. Skinny -- it’s stronger than you might think. It knocked the wind right out of me. Within seconds I was searching the file folders in my mind, sifting through pages of old conversations I’d had with her, near her, around her. I typed “Skinny” into my search engine. File not found. Skinny. Where did she hear that word? ...more
whoa boy.  keep spinning her. more

A Tribute to Marcella Hazan, Who Taught Me, My Kids, and So Many to Make Pasta

I first "met" Marcella Hazan the way so many people did--through the pages of her opus, The Essential of Classic Italian Cooking. I was around 11 or 12, but already neck-deep into my affair with cookbooks and cooking, and I could not wait to make homemade pasta.  And again, like so many people, it was Marcella who taught me how through the pages of her book.  I followed the directions to the letter, the many, many pages of explicit directions, taking you though the detailed steps of making pasta.  ...more
She was a pistol, as well as a great teacher and writer. more

BlogHer '13: A Good Problem to Have -- Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone, As we prepare to hold our ninth annual BlogHer conference in Chicago, I wanted to bring this community up to speed on a particular challenge our event is facing this year. I've learned you all have terrific advice, and am hoping this is one of those times where you can help develop a solution. ...more
thank you for clarifying that!  I don't know that I would have been aware. more

I Owe Who I Am to Queen Latifah

Allow me to express the indescribable joy I felt upon learning that Queen Latifah will be at BlogHer '13 hosting the Voices of the Year Community Keynote. I literally squealed with joy and became teary-eyed. She is the primary reason I am a Black Feminist. ...more
fantastic.  great piece!  I am so excited to be part of this. more

Conference Corner: The BlogHer '13 Conference Agenda, Demystified

If you've had a chance to look over the agenda for BlogHer '13 in Chicago, you'll have noticed that we have a lot of content programmed for the event. And by a lot, I mean 14 tracks of programming, all running side-by-side, and that doesn't even include Thursday's amazing line-up of pre-conference events....more
helpful!  thank you!  now tell me what I should do. more

Gearing Up for BlogHer '13: Pre-Conference Fears & VOTY Thoughts

BlogHer '13 is right around the corner! With the quickly approaching dates and recent announcements, the number of posts you have been writing in your own spaces has sky-rocketed. As always, we're reading along -- and bringing your words to our readers to help calm their fears, get them excited, and, yes, help calm some fears, too. Let's see what people are saying this week....more
Excited to meet you there!  Thanks for this post! more

Father's Day Grilling: Eat These Asian Baby Back Ribs With Plenty of Paper Napkins

I created this recipe as my Father’s Day gift to my husband Gary, who loves ribs more than anyone else I know, with the exception of my own father. My kids are no slouch in the rib-loving department either. Below is a photo of Jack when he was about 1 1/2, eating his first rib. In it he looks simultaneously surprised and perplexed and ecstatic, and maybe a little drunk. In my mind the caption for this photo was always, “For the love of God, where have you people been hiding the pork?” ...more
So glad you like the recipe!  let me know how they turned out! more

The First Father's Day Without My Dad

Bear with me — I promise, there are recipes at the end of the tunnel.When someone in your life dies, you embark upon the well-worn path of a year of “firsts”. People who’ve gotten there before you, who’ve lost someone central to their lives, will tell you about what it’s like to maneuver through that initial 12 months of “this is the first year that ______ hasn’t been at ___________.”...more
@Karen Ballum thank you so much, Karen. more