Thank You, Angelina.

Thank you, Angelina. Because the first thing I thought, after hearing the news story about her elective double-mastectomy, was “if she can do it, I can do it.” When I found out, back in November of 2011, that I have the BRCA-1 mutation, the  decision to opt for a preventative double mastectomy, followed by an oopharectomy, was pretty much a “no-brainer.”...more
I have a friend who did not even test positive for the BRCA-1 but because out of 10 women in her ... more

Nie Asks: What Are Your Feelings on Gun Ownership?

My husband and I regularly go to the practice range to shoot, and have for years. I have a concealed carrier's permit. I know this is a very hot and controversial topic right now. What are your thoughts on gun ownership? Do you own a gun? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I think that the real problem is that there is no right answer.  When I say that, I mean that ... more

New Merida: WTF, Disney?

Okay, I am calling shenanigans. Disney has decided Merida, the heroine of Pixar’s movie Brave, wasn’t quite “Princess-like” enough so they have decided to market her with a new look. She is now a "hotter," more girly version of herself. ...more
I am so depressed by this news. I love Merida, just like she is.  She is perfect!  Why they just ... more

International Clitoris Awareness Week: How Aware Are You?

It’s the first annual International Clitoris Awareness Week (May 6th thru 12th). I can only assume you are prepared with fleshy tones of icing and little sugar pearls for vulva cupcakes made special to feed guests at your Clit Awareness Discussion party later in the week…or maybe this is the first time you heard about it. Clitoraid, the organization that created this most special of weeks, is staying focused on the positive aspects of clit owning for this event, but they usually can’t....more
It cracks me up how many people are afraid to openly and honestly talk about sex, what works, ... more