This is Almost 40

This week, on Valentine’s Day, I will turn 39. Which means I am almost 40. I only have one more year left in my thirties.I have always viewed 40 with trepidation. “In my thirties” sounds young. Forty, with all due respect, does not....more

Finding Balance: Are We THERE Yet?

I once saw the biggest collection of articles about finding balance....more

Our Bedtime Ritual: A Help, A Thanks, or A Wow

In our relatively secular household, we haven’t established a bedtime routine with nightly prayers, or traditions like going to church on Sundays. But my daughter, now 7, is becoming aware that her friends go to church on Sundays, and we don’t. They say their prayers each night, and we don’t....more

Diamonds and Water: The Economics of Motherhood

The best part of my day is…...more

Traveling to BlogHer '13 Was a Journey I Needed to Make

I sat down in the cab taking me away from the Chicago Sheraton and the BlogHer '13 Conference, and I wanted to cry. Those tears that are a crazy mixture of sadness, exhaustion, emotional overload, happiness, and even gratitude. The tears that come after an intense, overwhelming, and amazing experience. When you are tired and inspired all at once. ...more
@JennaHatfield @Sarah Rudell Beach Absolutely agree with you, Jenna!  SO beautifully written ...more

The Pursuit of Public Happiness

This week we {in the United States} celebrate the 4th of July, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”...more

Of Toddlers and Tyrants: The Science Behind a Tantrum

“PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE!” “PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE!” “PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE!” {Yell at the highest volume possible, repeat for four straight minutes, include tears, wails, and kicking, and insert strange guttural vocalizations at random intervals}. And you have my son’s tantrum from the other morning....more

Mindful Parenting: It's Not About "Liking" It

I really like ~ in fact, love ~ being a mom.But sometimes, I don't "like" motherhood.We can pretty much say this about anything else in our lives without people batting an eye....more