Mindful Studying {a.k.a., how to learn without losing your mind!}

One of the most important times we need mindful, focused concentration is when we are learning something, whether it’s calculus, cooking, or car repair. And if you thought paying attention to your breath was challenging, just wait until you try to sustain your attention through differential equations or the French Revolution! We all think we know exactly HOW we’re supposed to study ....more

10 Things Non-Stressed Out People Know and Do

“Stress” seems to be an epidemic right now — emails to answer, activities to attend, houses to clean, groceries to buy, jobs to do… The pressure seems never-ending. But here’s what you need to know: Stress may be a given in our lives… but being stressed out doesn’t have to be. I’m re-reading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living in my mindfulness training course right now, and as I read from his chapters on stress the other day, I knew I had to share his wisdom with you! ...more

How to Breathe — For Kids!

A few years ago, while my daughter was in the midst of a four-alarm meltdown, I implored her to “I don’t know HOW!!” she yelled back. At first I was dumbfounded. What do you mean, you don’t know how to breathe?? ...more

Change is Good

Left Brain Buddha has a new look! Change is good, right? When I launched Left Brain Buddha in April 2013, I had no idea how to design a website ....more

Born to be Mild: Compassion is our Basic Human Nature

February 20th is World Day of Social Justice. In honor of this day, over a thousand bloggers have come together for 1000 Speak for Compassion, flooding the Internet with over a thousand stories of empathy, kindness, compassion, justice, and all-around goodness and love. Can you feel it? ...more

How Mindfulness Changes Your Life

Mindfulness is not a silver bullet. It’s not a magic trick that allofasudden eliminates stress and gives you the life of your dreams. But here’s something I’ve noticed: whenever I speak with people who have integrated a mindfulness practice into their lives, the phrase they almost always use to describe it is this: It’s the phrase I’ve repeatedly used to explain the impact of mindfulness in my life, too ....more

10 Words to Use Instead of BUSY

Colleague: “How are you?” You: “BUSY!!” Sound familiar? We pride ourselves these days on our “busy-ness,” as if being busy were a sign of achievement and value in and of itself. Last spring, I shared this article with you about how we can ban “busy” from our lives, and still get stuff done ....more

Why We Need Mindfulness in Schools

I am so excited to see all the research coming out lately on the benefits of teaching mindfulness in schools! Just this week, the University of British Columbia released the results of a randomized controlled study of fourth- and fifth-graders who participated in a mindfulness program in their classrooms (published in the journal Developmental Psychology). The results were impressive ....more

What a Wonderful, Beautiful World!

In the midst of all the news of the violence and hatred and ugliness in the world in the last few weeks (months, years…?), we can sometimes lose sight of the sheer beauty and true awe-someness of our little part of the universe. My good friend Liv Lane says that when we focus on the sweet stuff around us, the sweet stuff multiplies. When we look for beauty, we’ll find it ....more