Waltzing Matilda and Me


Butler to a little person, I am usually found in the kitchen making toast or in the laundry, washing toasty spew out of something. I'm a stay at home mum and military wife who is quite accomplished at PND and jumping to conclusions. I have surived skin cancer and have the scars to prove it.

For those of you that have skimmed over the first part as reading a whole paragraph is too much here are some dot points about me;

  • I'm 30 something, no really, I can't remember how old I am
  • I haven't shaved my legs since my daughters 12 week check-up, she is now 8 months
  • I wonder where the bejesus goes when it's scarred out of someone
  • Have a pinky toe that sticks out when I walk, even my toes won't assimilate
  • Have a tattoo, no I won't show you where
  • Had a massive crush on Charlie Sheen as a kid, don't judge me
  • Get motion sickness in an elevator
  • Only started blogging for "therapy" as medication made me go blind (true story)
  • Am comfortable in saying that being a mum is harder than I thought and have considered leaving to become "Cindy" the waitress in a nowhere town cafe
  • Have found great support in the writing community and am humbled that people love my blog

So sit back, put your feet on something (no one is watching) and take a moment to be you, not "mummy". Enjoy!