What's in YOUR make up bag? BlogHer's BeautyHacks wants to know

Not too long ago, I decided that maybe it was time to switch to a cream blush. I've used powder for years, but I keep reading that "older" skin does better with creams. I'm 40, which isn't particularly old but isn't exactly young, so I sort of have older skin, but I also have oily skin that breaks out. Also, I am lazy and not interested in spending more than maybe eight minutes putting my face together in the morning. And that includes doing my hair. ...more

But as far as cream blushes go, I think everyone needs to try Stila's! Sooo delicious! ... more

Creme de La Mer vs Olay Regenerist: Battle of the anti-aging All-Stars

Hello! My name is Roxanna. I think it's important that we get one thing out of the way: I love beauty products - fiercely. I like them so much that I spent my marketing career in the beauty industry and enjoyed every minute of it. You probably should also know that I use it all: High-end to drugstore brands, I don't discriminate. I just care that it works. ...more

I have been stressing out about finding the perfect anti-aging cream to get a headstart on ... more

Hypnobirth was "really Zen" for Jessica Alba, rewarding for others

I'll admit my finger is not exactly on the pulse of Hollywood happenings. I have far too much going on in my life to add celebrity watching to the list. However, when there is a natural or home birth in Hollywood (things near and dear to my heart), the news usually crosses my path one way or another. And so I was both surprised and pleased to read yesterday that Jessica Alba's new daughter Honor Marie Warren was born via a natural hypnobirth. ...more

I think it's marvelous that more and more celebrities seem to be doing births without pain ... more