Virtual Moms

We're the Virtual Moms:Janna (NYC)Skye (SF)Missy (Vegas)Laurel (St. Louis)Ally... read more

Virtual Moms


We're the Virtual Moms:

Janna (NYC)

Skye (SF)

Missy (Vegas)

Laurel (St. Louis)

Ally (Minneapolis) and

Celia (Sarasota).

Oh, and most recently,

Ashe (Bonnie Doone, NC).


We're the moms on a mission:

-- to find love

-- to dump baggage

-- to seek direction for our lives

and ultimately,

-- to buy the perfect Beanie Baby (they'll never go out of style).

Join us each week to discover the secrets to a life well-worn and other insider stuff culled from our weekly Virtual Moms Chat Room. It's amazing what 6 women + 1 (Ashe is the newbie) can unravel when they put their hearts on the line and online!