Dialogue: Is It Possible In This Political Atmosphere?

With the talks already ongoing to try and avert a government shutdown in the face of another debt ceiling crisis, I have decided to look at the broader question of whether it is genuinely possible to have an actual dialogue, on any subject, given the current political atmosphere. The first item in this conversation is to determine what dialogue actually is. Despite many different definitions that come to mind, and a lot of searching, I have happened upon a quote that seems to make the most sense. ...more
It is not about if dialogue is possible or not - the issue should always be how to guarantee ... more

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Happy Women’s Equality Day!Following a joint resolution of Congress in 1971, August 26th was declared Women’s Equality Day.Of course, women don’t need a day to remind us that we’re equal. And we’re not any less equal the other 364 days of the year. But it is a good time to remember what it took to secure our equal rights....more
Always interesting to learn some history. Indeed, we have to be thankful to those who, back in ... more

Why We Got Arrested: Women and Immigration Reform

“There are more women than we thought.”...more
Congratulations for all women fighting for what they believe! You are a model for ... more

Anthony Weiner and Women: Who Is the Story Here?

Thursday's headlines that Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, thought herself to blame for the congressman's repeated forays into the lands of sexting women who were absolutely not her, kept the focus of his story exactly where it seems to have landed: on everyone involved but him. ...more
Interesting point of view. Sex scandals, specially in the US, have many connotations at ... more

The Pioneer Woman at BlogHer '13: On Being a Blogger, Writer, Photographer, & Mother

After taking the stage Friday morning, Ree looked nervously at the wide open stage space, hovering to one side, as she jokingly pleaded for her long time gal pals and BlogHer founders, to not leave her alone. Ree wasn’t afraid to appear vulnerable, telling us, “I am not a public speaker, folks,” and winning the audience over by publicly declaring her Spanx discomfort. At that very moment, I too sat squirming in Spanx, and I suspect Ree would have been overwhelmed by the show of Spanx solidarity, if only she had queried the audience. ...more
Would have loved to attend the meeting, and we would love to attend next year's!   Political ... more

Announcing BlogHer PRO '13 !

On Friday, at BlogHer '13 in Chicago we announced the return of BlogHer PRO! But this time we are extending the conference by a half of a day. ...more
Such a good initiative. Are you focusing this on women?   iKNOWPolitics.org more

I Miss the Freedom I Had Before Motherhood

The question usually comes from people who don't qualify as friends -- acquaintances at best, usually total strangers. They coo over your baby or smile politely at your child hanging upside down from the monkey bars at the playground. "Don't you just love being a mom?" Well, uh, sure, total stranger. I mean, that's the only acceptable answer, isn't it? ...more
It all depends on the meaning we give to "freedom". It does not necessarily means to have free ... more

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services Kicked off BlogHer's Healthminder Day

10 essential benefits mandatory for all people. It's a huge change for many Americans who have had years of frustrating experiences dealing with paying for insurance and yet seeing the word "denied" when they submitted a claim. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sat down with BlogHer founder Lisa Stone for a frank talk about the Affordable Care Act to kick off the preconference event, Healthminder Day. From changing the national conversation about mental illness to the controversial Plan B, Secretary Sebelius candidly spoke about many of the issues specifically facing women today, especially when it comes to insurance coverage. ...more
""Mental health services is a huge missing piece of lots of policies. Lots of people have ... more

BlogHer '13 Pre-Conference Events -- in Tweets!

Wow! Today kicked off our BlogHer '13 event with some Pre-Conference Day awesomeness. Pathfinder Day, HealthMinder Day, and Viewfinder Day all took place at the wonderful Sheraton Chicago today. Our attendees were busy learning,interacting, and of course, tweeting their way through the day. We followed along with what was being said to bring you this post. ...more
It look like you are have a lot of fun! Congratulations, looks like a nice atmosphere.   iKNOW ... more

How to Be a Housewife and a Feminist at the Same Time

I am a housewife. Well, I have a set of four-year-old twins, so, technically, that makes me a stay-at-home mom. And I do a lot freelance for pennies from my comfy orange couch in the living room, which I suppose makes me a work-at-home mom. I also go to grad school, so I guess I, instead, could define myself as a student. A studentlike, work-while-staying-at-home mom who cooks and cleans....more
Everything is compatible. You don't need to be a CEO for being a feminist - it's about fighting ... more