Grilled Veggie Quinoa Salad

Everyone loves a good old fashioned barbecue. The easy conviviality of a family backyard picnic. The smoky summer scent of charred goodies grilling. Lemonade chilling. Badminton birdies sailing. The crack of croquet balls. The last pink of daylight. Punching lids on firefly jars. ButĀ if you need to be gluten-free, or if you happen to be vegan, barbecues can be less than convivial. Those mysterious sauces (so often containing wheat-laced soy sauce). Those off-limit fluffy hot dog buns. All those meaty burgers and egg-dotted salads. What's a gluten-free vegan to do? Munch on lettuce? ...more
This looks awesome. I love quinoa.more

Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet

What the heck is gluten you ask? Gluten is the sticky, elastic protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Commercial oats also contain gluten due to cross contamination in processing.What to look out for?...more
Thanks for this check list. @April Peveteaux this is right up your alley!more