TUTORIAL: How to Try Nail Art

The internet has been flooded with excellent Nail Art and I’ve pinned more nail inspirations then I will ever have time to try. When the trend first started, I loved ogling the lovely nails, but I kept my distance. I could barely paint my nails a solid color and have them look nice. My right hand always looked a bit like a child did it, but then, crackle coat appeared. I had to try it. It sounded like the perfect solution--I just had to brush it on to let it work it’s crackling magic. Plus, it would hopefully hide the messy polish underneath. It was the gateway drug....more

The Perfect Summer Waredrobe for under $1000

Shopbop's attempt to build the ultimate summer wardrobe was too laundry day casual and far too expensive, so we thought we'd make our own. Theirs was 16 pieces: 9 items of clothing, 2 shoes, 1 bag, and 5 accessories ringing up over $2,400. I followed the same item scheme, but only spent $909.23 (and that's not even trying to budget!)....more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

Public Service Announcement: Wear a Slip. It's for your own safety. Learn more here. ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

It's the battle of the fashion designer TV shows. Will Project Runway remain the the Queen of the Catwalk when in moves to Lifetime this summer? Or, will Bravo's runway replacement, The Fashion Show, stomp right past it? ...more

Hatfeathers Vintage

Hatfeathers Vintage sells a nice collection of men's and women's vintage clothing from the 1940s-1980s and a small bit from previous decades. WWII-60s mod is ...more

DIY Feather Headbands


Shoe of the Week: Hale Bob Blythe