The Blossoming Bump


Hello and welcome, one and all! You have now entered my little corner of the world, a space for me to vent, share, inspire and most importantly, be inspired myself by all of you!

My husband and I are expecting our first little squirt in November 2013 (a boy - woohoo!) and frankly couldn't be more excited (or more blown away) by this awesome journey we're stumbling along on together. I'm originally from the UK (the North of England to be exact), but hopped on over to the US in order to contractually obligate myself to my husband (for a lifetime or so), to whom I've been blissfully married for 2 years. We currently call East Tennessee our home and are the proud parents of 3 rather strange looking rescue mutts... Sydney, Big Tex and Meemaw.


My blog is somewhat of a memoir to my adventures as a first time pregnant lady, mother and all round responsible person (ahem)! So please, join me, share your own life lessons, tips, tricks and insights and let's laugh on through these changing times together gals!

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