Perfection is Over-rated

How difficult do we make our lives? How many shoulda , woulda, couldas, do we hold our feet to the fire on? How many times do we lament our scheduling, time restraints, deadlines, commitments, or even our activities that use to bring us joy, now, seem like another task in the day? As the ending of one year shows signs of holiday festivities, and another new month upcoming signifies new beginnings, with the end of any dreaded negs accumulated...I pause....more

Healing Anger with Your Adult Children

Parenting scraped knees and bruised emotions is child's play when it comes to  finding the healing words for rejection  and abandonment pain for your adult child. A devastating time, that you must override with a knowing , firm truth, coupled in compassionate love and strong Mother bear defense, that ....yes, even ....this too shall pass.....seems trite. When did parenting become such a difficult and often unrewarding job of blame, apologies and tears?...more

Intimidations' Mask

This last week I have learned much from watching myself respond or not, to people who were, shall we say, not in their best grounded state of being. I am being extremely diplomatic , in describing them; where in the comfort of my own home, I have let my mouth wander...I don't get intimidated easily, in fact one of the things I have learned in my business is, that money, power, influence are nothing to someone who is hurting or struggling, and we all feel things that are painful. Vulnerability holds no affluence, it taps us all on the shoulder asking for some ~real. Some raw....more

Would Jesus Ride a Harley?

 When I think of the man Jesus might have been , I think of the man Jesus might be today. I allow my mind to wander through the hillsides of Jerusalem, feeling the earth and smelling the dirt in my minds eye. While in this state of 'feeling visually' I think about the humor Jesus may have had; the tastes he preferred; the sights that inspired him. I don't think of the man as an untouchable God, I prefer and resonate in the feeling that he was indeed human, but evolved beyond traditions ,projections and conditioning....more

The War Within~ A Veteran's Depth

When I tell the story of my father, being a 21 year old enlistee in World War 2, I find myself morphing between a proud daughter, to an admirer of  a survivor, a man of strength, courage and tenacity that was my Dad. Seemingly surreal, was his experience, yet, indicative of the type of grit and insightfulness my siblings and I were raised with, I visualize with wonder how he survived so well....more

The Tao, The Now, and the Rebel Yell~

I look for life to be my teacher. I read what the unfolding of the day presents through its energy, people, demands, needs, obstacles, and even through its stress. Before I plant my feet on the floor in the morning, I have spent a few moments intending for a well energized and soulfilled day....more

Sometimes , Do we Forgive too Easily?

I forgive easily.In fact, those who know me, have come to accept that whatever has been a wrong will soon be a right and all will be forgiven.I grew to appreciate this trait I had. This ability to process, vent, maybe even yell, and let it go. I have been a witness to myself forgive the nastiest of people or address the nastiest of people, only to release it and let it go. But, lately I have been pissed. I have been holding onto some pain and hurt and I have allowed it to fester into a pool of mugstank soup....more

Spirituality vs Religion~from a Recovering Catholic with a side of Jew

I have often wondered how people interpret their faith. If they attend a church, do they call themselves religious, or spiritual? Does Spirituality have a definition? If you look up the term Spirituality , you will find many different explanations.In fact it seems even Webster is a little unsure of how to define it.Is it a way of living and a belief system of a loving God or Supreme Being who orchestrates the universe, or is it simply, religion? Many term spirituality as religion, I don't....more

From Shock, to disbelief, to Acceptance, to horror ~ All at the Spa

I like to think I discern more than I judge, but my day at the spa taught me more about  compassion , judgement and discernment than any one experience I can call to mind. I have always known, seen and accepted how grief , loss and death are processed differently by everyone. Knowing that did not save me from sheer horror , confusion and disbelief as I  spent the day splurging on myself for a massage....more

My Seven Spirit Animals

I live on Indian land. No, I don't live on a reservation, nor do I live with other American Indians. I live where Indians built their lives, and traded their goods. I live in a place that still vibrates with the wisdom of nature and the guidance of uncommon animals. Where my brothers and sisters fed their families and hunted for food; I am where Indians prayed....more