Amanda Darling

I never think before speaking, and sometimestend to talk bigger than my 5ft.... read more

Amanda Darling


I never think before speaking, and sometimes

tend to talk bigger than my 5ft. body appears.

I believe in miracles, love, and the fact that I will one day be talked about

on The Soup. I spend more money than I have, am in dire

need of a job, and daydream often about being friends with

certain celebrities. I'm a pop culture guru, know the most random

facts, and sometimesforgets that Pacey Witter isn't

a real person. I'm a lover of: country music,

anything sappy, good books, water, winter, really cute heels,

flip flops, snuggly sweaters, sexy men, taking pictures,

my friends, scrapbooking, pizza, dancing, quotes, writing,

the internet, letters, and about 2.2 million other things.