Free Community College Lies

Today there is much talk about President Obama's New "Free Community College" plan. The truth is it wasn't his original idea. The Governor of Tennessee first introduced the idea several years ago and updated the program eariler this year with the criteria of Obama's program. Does it work? ...more

Blog Commenting Issues

Commenting is a way for the reader and writer to interact on a blog. I wouldn't know anything about this relationship because I don't get any comments. I have taken seminars, engaged in multiple social media sites, and joined blogging groups, but none of these have helped. ...more
LilyLeung Maybe Demand is a strong word.more


Last Friday, we seen the most anticipated movie of the year, Maleficent. In preperation of the big night, my daughters and I searched the web for costume, make-up, and nail art ideas. ...more

Pina Colada Smoothie

Kick off this long holiday weekend with a Healthy Pina Colada Smoothie. This pineapple drink is easy to make. It can be left virgin or can easily be made into an alcoholic drink. ...more
SaraCrisóstomo Well that's a good question. It's definitely not working. I'm going to file a ...more

The Junk Food Queen

In my line of work, convenient food is almost always chosen over nutritious food.  Add that to a sweet tooth with an emotional eating disorder you get me, The Junk Food Queen!...more

Good Nutrition vs Good Taste

There are many foods that taste great, but aren't nutritious at all. Then there are nutritious foods that just taste awful. How do I keep the balance between the two? ...more

Strawberry Face Scrub

The body needs to be nourished on the outside too. Every Thursday , we post a DIY Beauty technic in our Spa Day seris. It's Strawberry Season in Tennessee. This week's post gives you a way to use the blemished berries that no one wants to eat. ...more

Get Nourished Inside & Out!

Several of my blog serises are along the lines of this month's NaBloPoMo theme Nourish! I have decided to share some of the older posts here on Blogher throughout the month of May. I will also be adding links to newer posts on the NaBloPoMo linkup.  ...more

Are Pouched Foods Safe?

Last fall while browsing the promotions page of Blogher, I came across a comment on a Capri Sun post. The commenter said that they no longer purchase the producted after reports of mold were made. This sparked my curiosity and researched the claim. Turns out it was true. To my surprise, even more food products are being packaged in this method without concern. ...more
Totally agree, but don't hold your breath.  Food manufacturing has nothing to do with what is ...more

My Scandalous Life

Seeing this month's NaBloPoMo theme, Scandalous, excited me! This topic is the exact reason I started blogging. Social media sites limited my character and word count so it was hard to fill in all the jucy details of the daily drama of my life. ...more