Clothes Are Not for Hiding Flaws: Style and Self-Expression With Erin Loechner

The thing I love about clothing, you see, is how a necessity -- items which, let's face it, are really just supposed to keep the weather out -- has involved into a form of self-expression. ...more

Personally, I love fashion and style, but like you, prefer to inject my style with what makes me ... more

End of Chemo Treatment, Relief or Anxiety?

 There is no question that completing a course of chemotherapy treatment is a milestone in the life of a patient.  Tomorrow, my 89-yr-old mother will receive her sixth and final dose of chemotherapy for lymphoma.  She was initially hesitant about chemo and the effects it would have on h...more

My Mom is scheduled to have a PET scan in 3 weeks post the end of her chemo and the anticipation ... more

Seriously, How Much Sleep Do You Get?

"Are you wearing different makeup? I like it!" a colleague said. "Your skin's got this glow, what are you doing to it?" asked a friend. ...more

My mothering days are long gone. Still, I get very little sleep, max 6 hrs per night. The fact ... more

Going Bald for a Cause

When you’re down-and-out, terrified, feeling helpless and just deeply sad, what helps you get back in the saddle?  For some it’s therapy.  For others it’s family, travel, spiritual guidance, yoga, half-gallons of ice cream, GOING BALD!???...more

Hi Mindi,

I wish I could do more. I write a lot about breast cancer bc I am a BRCA2 carrier, ... more

On Shaving: It's MY Body

I hate shaving. But society tells me that I am repulsive to the visual senses of humanity if my female body is strewn with naturally grown hair. I was treated with repulsion as early as twelve from a group of girls in a New Jersey sleep over camp run by strict Catholic nuns. Diving into the pool in my modest and second-hand one-piece suit, a bunch of girls started laughing at me. They came up to me, jeering, and pointing to the hair that had just begun to grow under my arms. I felt ashamed, and I blamed (yes, you guessed it) my mother for refusing to teach me how to shave my arm pits and legs. ...more

I hope you are still a teacher. Our young girls need role models like you.

I've always ... more

Did He Cheat?

I was in a very long line at Whole Foods, having stopped in after work to pick up what would pass for dinner. The “express” line was the longest line I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so I got in the regular line even though I only had a couple of things. A few minutes in, I heard a deep voice behind me: “It must be my lucky day to stand in line behind the woman who can rock those boots”. It was a little cheesy but when I turned around I liked the way he looked, I forgave him. ...more

if he keeps it a secret, then his intentions are questionable. if he shares with his spouse that ... more

Cancer Sisters and the Scene By the Sea

As a pastor’s family, we are often given the honor of being involved in the different passages of life that affect various members of our congregation. Ten days ago, one of those passages came in the form of a memorial service for a church member’s daughter, Allison, who died of brain cancer at the age of forty-seven. She left behind a daughter in her teens and a son in his twenties. ...more

I really appreciated being able to read about Allison and the beautiful way in which you and ... more


My poor mom!  She has a cold.  She has Lymphoma.  And if that isn’t enough, her doctors “floxed” her. ...more

Hello "Nobody wants to be Ethel",

The problem is that while she is undergoing chemotherapy, ... more


My poor mom!  She has a cold.  She has Lymphoma.  And if that isn’t enough, her doctors “floxed” her. ...more

Hi Karin,

I certainly don't mean to suggest that everyone has the same reaction to ... more

Learning to LOVE

Yourself.I saw an interview on Oprah today with Portia de Rossi (Ellen's wife) and they talked about how she got down to 82 lbs and all of the psychosis that goes along with being thin. Thinner. About believing you "have control". About making poor decisions because you don't love yourself enough to stop.I think many women can resonate with her psychosis involving her looks. We have a lot of messages that come at us. They are hard to deal with yourself, and then factor in a daughter,and they are downright terrifying. I used to not love myself....more

And not just your daughter, but the young girls here and there that might notice you as you walk ... more