How sexist language influences my life

The original title had "influenced" - but who am I kidding?  Let's not get swept away by wishful thinking.  There's no way to escape all of these expressions/concepts....more

Because I Just Can't Handle Men Paying Attention to Me

Naturally, since I loved all the posts from last month's link up, I shared them via Twitter. Like Misha's post, where among other things she mentions how girls are taught that they are "distractions." It reminded me of this time in high school when all of the girls were gathered together for an assembly to learn how we were making male teachers uncomfortable with our clothing choices. Yeah. Great lesson. ...more
Adelewishnot That's true and those are great points, but intuition doesn't always help during ...more

A sexist guide to men's clothing

A while back year ago, I had this discussion with two of my friends.  We were trying to explain to the man the ways in which women as a whole get judged by their appearance.  No makeup, too much makeup, needing makeup to be "dressed up."  Appropriate hemlines or heels for various occasions.  Styled hair vs. too-styled hair.  Dressing to be attractive, dressing for men, dressing to impress other women.  It was a whole new realm of culture shock for our guy friend....more

Let's talk about sexist language

Which probably technically only means the language of exclusion.  Using "man" as a synonym for "humanity."  The default "he."  Words like "freshman."I have mixed feelings about this.  Basically, I see the point of alternatives, but I don't usually try....more

Yes, there are small Asians, but vanity sizing is still weird

So J. Crew is introducing size 000.  Hello, vanity sizing.  It's a real thing, and it's ridiculous.  I really liked this quote below, unattributed here because it's from somewhere else that you can find in the article and I left APA behind in grad school:...more
Rena Galanis Yeah, it's crazy how widespread it is among clothing brands.  Shoes too?  That's ...more

I'm Not That Kind of Blogger

I've been blogging again for three weeks and feel like my space has been growing a lot in that short span. Not because I'm that awesome or anything. Mostly because I've been aggressively targeting people to stalk, sponsor, and write for me this summer. But still, new readers. Cool. So let's talk about the things you probably won't ever find here. AKA "Why I'll Never Be Popular" or "Reasons Why Pinterest is Not for Me." ...more
Finley Jayne I'll check out your page!more

Is There a Negative Side of Encouraging Girls to Major in STEM?

If you're a woman, and especially if you have daughters/are thinking about having children, you've probably thought about the word "pretty." How boys are praised for—and get away with—their actions, and girls are praised for being pretty and ladylike. And how to navigate the whole body image jungle of what used to be just the teen years, but now possibly includes a girl's entire life through adulthood. ...more
I found myself too moved to speak in response to this post to leave a short comment and instead ...more

4 Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Should Read

Extended title: Feminist SFF books you should read that aren't A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.   So what makes a book feminist?  Basically, the presence of strongly written, as opposed to "strong" in a masculine sense, female characters. As in, writing women like they're people.  Multi-dimensional.  Flawed.  Not defined by a relationship with a man. ...more
cancer2gether Do it!  Loved them all.more

I don't want to find my biological family

I tended to exploit my origins during interviews, but the real reason I chose teaching English in Korea over Japan (since I had studied Japanese in college) was that I knew I could get a permanent resident visa.  In order to get that visa, I had to dig up all my adoption papers.  Naturalization certificate, amended birth certificate, certificate of adoption, adoption record.  Fill out some paper to formally renounce my Korean citizenship and change my name (which proved unnecessary).And I actually read my stuff for the first time....more
JillR Definitely.  The worst is when I read things that say something like "adoption is ...more

How women talk about food

Last summer, my niece told me she didn't want to wear her bikini because, in her words, "It makes me look fat." She was five years old. The first time I picked her up, after being away for a year, she asked me if she was too heavy. She still doesn't want to wear her bikini around me and my boyfriend, so far this summer. And we're going to overlook the issue of bikinis for excessively small children for now. Maybe she'll grow out of it as kids so often do. But I hate to think that I'm seeing the genesis of her teenage eating disorder and body image woes. ...more